The Medical Opinion and compliment slip

June 12, 2020

The Casual Events.

I have now been out of Dentistry for longer than I practised.

Thanks to Dr Ronald Bryn John and his Medical Opinion (link at bottom).

I have no recollection of receipt of the Medical Opinion, but if I had I would have questioned some of his statements as they are blatant lies. If I had received it before I would have acted differently; spoke to Dr John and asked what on earth he was doing, called my Protection Society and taken their advice.

The Big Lie

However, I found my copy in 2007 in a pile of divorce papers following a plumbing disaster in my house.

I have no idea why this was written in the first place as he has NEVER ever explained why.

Declaring a person mentally ill provides the perfect opportunity to not have to respond as the person is now the product of an ill mind and so does not have to be taken seriously.

A Medical Practitioner should act in the best interest of the patient: the guiding maxim being “First, do no harm.

Attached to my copy was a compliment slip.

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I thought that you should know what I said so we’re not contradicting each other” An admission that he is not telling the truth/ has lied. Nowhere in the opinion is there a reference to hospitalisation or of a time scale. One week later from the date of writing I was fully retired and in hospital, having been told I would be sectioned if I did not agree to go by 09.00 the next day. I did not learn I was retired until mid-July or early August.

I was rebuilding my practice after a serious flood and also going through an acrimonious diverse from my ADULTEROUS wife. By his actions, Dr Ronald Bryn John caused the Perfect Storm of Events. I was losing my family and he made certain that I lost my career, my business and my Profession. I was due full and final settlement of the Insurance claim at the end of JULY but the hospitalisation was deemed “An uninformed change of circumstances” by the Insurance Company Legal Star and so they VOIDED settlement. I was a few weeks away from resolution but because HE DID NOT DISCUSS ANYTHING WITH ME prior to actioning, I lost everything almost overnight. My bank, Barclays, was originally on my side with large loans for equipment and a large running overdraft. My side of the bargain was to give monthly financial forecasts.

This soon changed when I had defaulted on my side of the bargain. I could not be contacted because of the forced hospitalisation and so closed all my accounts and started bankruptcy proceedings. I could have lost the house that I was living in which had been in my family for over 100 years, only my family had ever lived in it

He forced my retirement at 48, took over my divorce and gave my pension lump sum to Jeffrey Lock my divorce solicitor.

At no time did Dr RB John talk to me and explain his treatment plan. When I asked him, after my discharge, for an explanation he wrote that he was aggrieved that I was not grateful for all that he had done for me and I was in direct conflict with the advice that I should be retired. Documents exist to show that the last statement is untrue. He wrote, in my Medical Notes that it was not his responsibility to inform me of this.

I was not involved in ANY of this which as a self-employed sole trader I should have been, So I have NO idea why he decided, alone, to take over and destroy my life.

Pension Letters

My 1st last day of service was 11/06/98 Copies of letters from NHS Pensions showing my 1st date of retirement was 12/06/98. I was retired on ill-health grounds the day of admission to Heath House Priory. My Pension lump sum was illegally passed to Jeffrey Lock of Llewellyn Jones Solicitor Neath to be used in the financial Settlement (and of course his fees).

If I had managed to avoid being sectioned and gone to work the next day then I would have been, both retired and not retired at the same time. Would I even have known about my pension lump sum being taken by Jeffrey Lock? I should not speak evil of the dead but his professionalism as a solicitor was extremely lacking, I found him an arrogant fool, sorry man.

What the hell would have happened?

But a letter from NHS Pensions dated 07/07/98 TWO DAYS BEFORE I WAS DISCHARGED said my retirement had not been accepted or rejected.

The Discharge letter

Dr John knew that his actions would destroy me. Because in paragraphs 5 and 7 of the Medical Opinion Dr Ronald Bryn John quotes me twice about his advice to stop work, and on both occasions, I refused “because of my precarious financial situationWhich explains why this document was constantly refused as evidence in 2 NHS Complaints because it clearly shows his intention.

I’m exhausted from living a lie

Events from 1998 onwards

The Final Thoughts

The Medical Opinion dated 04/06/98

Also thanks in no small part to my sister Dr Keatley E James and her husband retired Gynaecologist Dr Adwaita P Dhar. She said in 2009 that Dr John had protected their reputations and pensions following heinous acts by Dr Dhar and so she would not help me get to the truth as she would always protect Dr John as she never wanted the truth to be exposed..

Both have now had 20+ years of illegally preserved Reputations, with a full pension’

I have heard many times what these heinous acts may be regarding her husband Dr Adwaita P Dhar and female staff and patients whilst in his post as Gynaecologist in the old Neath General Hospital and also as a Doctor in the Community. ” Two community nurses told me privately when I was allowed to work about his “umm” behaviour and I advised them to report it to the Health Board and their Professional Bodies.

The latest was in January 2023

In effect my sister allowed Dr Ronald Bryn John to destroy me so it feels like I am doing the sentence for their crimes.

It is all over.

April 3, 2021

That’s me in 1975 having just received my Degree, BDS U Lond. on stage in the Royal Albert Hall, London.

Thank you for wasting my life, Dr Ronald Bryn John. And making me a FAILURE.

I have now been out of Dentistry for longer than I practised. I was forced out at the age of 48.


Although many people have told me of the behaviour of my sister’s husband, Dr Adwaita Dhar, in his role as a Gynaecologist and a Doctor on the Community and that it appears that I could have been used as a scapegoat to allow that man to achieve a full pension, at my expense.

When we had the misfortune to meet in town he either stood in a threatening manner, blocking my way or on one occasion he noisily spat at me.

Thanks also to all the doctors that protected him. Including my sister Dr Keatley E James, although now she calls herself Keatley Dhar.

And thanks to all the Chief Executives of the Health Boards, since 1998, that became Swansea Bay University Health Board.

The Chair of Neath Port Talbot Health Authority up to vice-chair of ABMU was Dr Edward Morgan Roberts and he received an MBE in the 2022 New Year’s Honours for his services to Medicine.

I could not get legal advice because the time limit is 3 years from the casual event. Also, I was a Psychiatric Patient according to the diagnoses of Dr Ronald Bryn John and Heath House Priory Hospital Bristol.

In 2001 I was drugged up and still with the diagnosis of being a severe manic depressive/ high suicide risk.

In a corrupt and bias NHS Complaint vs Dr John 2004-07 it was shown that there was NO DIAGNOSIS of ANY PSYCHIATRIC illness in ALL SETS OF MY MEDICAL NOTES.

The loss of my professional status was devastating.

One diagnosis I have is from 26/10/11 by Dr C Ague of paranoia querulans. Querulant describes a person who obsessively feels wronged, particularly about minor causes of action. In particular, the term is used for those who repeatedly petition authorities or pursue legal actions based on manifestly unfounded grounds.

It is misused in order to stigmatise the behaviour of people seeking the resolution of valid grievances.


I have many diagnoses, High Risk Suicide,

Severe Neurotic Depressive Illness,

Paranoid with Delusions of Persecution and Dislocation from Reality,

Dysthymia, violent Delusions, Paranoia Querulans,

Psychological Distress on the background of adjustment following retirement and Adjustment disorder secondary to a stress reaction,

but never any treatment.

In 2013 the Acting Clinical Director of the Mental Health Services, Ms Gill Thornton wrote that these diagnoses showed no logical contradiction and introduced with no examination a diagnosis of a Psycho-Social Disorder as I was full of anger over my retirement.
Yet pre 2003 she was one of many Mental Health Professionals who said that I did not show any psychiatric component and needed answers.

2011 was the year a past Chief Executive of Abertawe Bro Morgannwg and of NHS Wales received his knighthood " for service to the NHS" He also has a CBE for the same reason. Sir Paul Williams

There are many levels of society that think they are more important than others between me, as a one-time professional, and the Royal Family. One is that of the High Sheriffs and Lord Lieutenants of the County.

I have been told that Dr John is being protected by High Sheriffs of Glamorgan. I know that because many years ago I rang the High Sheriffs Association as they did not answer a letter I had written regarding Dr John and his responses to an NHS Complaint 2003-07

I was threatened by a Mr Williams, the secretary I believe who kept repeating that he was a retired solicitor so knew what he was talking about.

only 10 months to go

June 12, 2020

Here we go again. It’s 22 years now and I am nowhere nearer the truth. But then many GPs, say that I will never be told the TRUTH,

in July 2021 a Psychiatric nurse, Oonagh McCabe told me that I will never know the truth. I asked how she knew and she shook her head and walked away.

She was a Patient of mine and her mother and I became friends because we were both fans of The Rolling Stones.

In 10 months, I will have been out of Dentistry for longer than I was a Dentist thanks to Dr Ronald Bryn John CStJ DL.
Also thanks in no small part to my sister Dr Keatley E James and her husband retired Gynaecologist Dr Adwaita P Dhar. She said in 2009 that Dr John had protected their reputations and pensions following a heinous act and so she would not help me get to the truth as she would always protect Dr John.

Both have now had 20+ years of illegally preserved Reputations, with a full pension’

I have heard many times what this heinous act may be regarding her husband Dr Adwaita P Dhar and female staff and patients whilst in his posts in the old Neath General Hospital and especially the Community. " community nurses told me privately when I was allowed to work about his “umm” behaviour and I advised them to report it to the Health Board and their Professional Bodies.

In effect my sister allowed Dr Ronald Bryn John to destroy me so it feels like I am doing the sentence for their crimes.

A few years ago a Freemason from a Neath Lodge St Illtyd 6078, and a now ex-friend, Nick Wood  said that Dr John is well protected and I will never be told the truth.

I assumed this was a Masonic warning and discovered Paul Williams was Chief Executive of Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust from 2004 – 2008, so during the end of the NHS Complaints vs Dr John 2003-07, and Dr EM Williams and he was appointed Chief Exec of NHS Wales in 2008 Sir Paul Williams is the current Prior of St John, was High Sheriff of South Glamorgan 2007/08 and is currently Deputy Lord Lieutenant of South Glamorgan. He is also the 2nd highest Freemason in Wales as Junior Grand Warden

Another Freemason advised me to contact St John Cymru Wales regarding Dr John CStJ bringing their good name into disrepute.

This resulted in a threat by the People’s Manager, D Mathews, who threatened me with the police whilst falsely accusing me of visiting their Head Office and threatening/harassing their staff.

I have since been told that the protection iss being afforded by High Sheriffs.

In 2004 my then GP, Dr E Mair Williams, Tabernacle Street Surgery, Skewen, Neath, spoke to me in surgery in an unnecessary and sexual manner whilst refusing to treat me for mycoplasmic pneumonia which deteriorated into a 1.3 litre abscess in my left lung. The Health Board did not even acknowledge the complaint.

She was then in the probationary period, to prove her worthiness, prior to becoming. High Sheriff of West Glamorgan 2005/6. This explains her “protection” by ABMU.

In 2008 the General Medical Council referred the case back to the Chief Executive as it needed investigation, Dr A Goodall REFUSED to acknowledge the letter, addressed to him personally. He  also refused to respond to my  many letters, as did the Community health Council, and so nothing was ever investigated

Dr Goodall was the current Chief Executive of NHS Wales until 01/11/2021.and is now the most senior civil servant in the Welsh Government, responsible for around 5,000 staff, as well as the principal policy adviser to the First Minister. The Permanent Secretary,  .

In February 2016 Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disorder was diagnosed and it was suggested that the lung abscess in 2004 would have been a contributory factor.

So I have a lung problem because of a prospective High Sheriff.

In 2009 I discovered that Dr John was High Sheriff of West Glamorgan and the 3-year probationary period, to prove his worthiness, explained the result, of a corrupt and biased NHS Complaint 2003-07 in which Dr John clearly perverted the course of justice.

At the start of this complaint a Community Health Council Advisor, Jeff Lewis, said that I would not win against Dr John. Showing my complaint against him was not the first and that Dr John "usually" won. I know 3 of his patients that failed in their complaint against Dr John. All for his refusal to investigate symptoms of Cancer. Two bowel and one Pancreatic.

Dr R B John was found to be exemplary and I was written as being paranoid with delusions of persecution and dislocation from reality but from no examination.

Since 1998 the Chair of the Local Health Boards was Dr Ed Roberts who ended up as Vice-Chair of ABMU from before 1998; through the NHS Complaint vs Dr John and during the refusal to investigate Dr EM Williams; He was High Sheriff of West Glamorgan 1991-02 : Deputy Lieutenant of West Glamorgan. and is Chair of St. John West Glamorgan

In 2009 I rang the High Sheriffs Association regarding Dr John as they would not respond to my letters, and was threatened by a Mr Williams who only spoke to say that he was a retired solicitor and so knew what he was talking about.

n 2014 on advice from The NHS Counter Fraud unit I contacted South Wales Police regarding the Abuse of a position of power and trust by Dr John, but the then Chief Constable Peter Vaughan QPM CStJ wrote that this was not a Police matter but that Officers had rung me to say so. When I queried this and asked for an explanation he said he would not comment further.

Mr Vaughan is a past Trustee of St John Cymru Wales, is currently Vice Lieutenant of Mid Glamorgan.

He is now Professor of Policing and Security at the University of South Wales.

St John Cymru Wales is now St John Ambulance Cymru Wales.
whose No 1 value is to treat others with compassion and respect. HA!!

All except me.

My musical journey as a Psychiatric patient

July 23, 2018

20 years of hell started this day in 1998

June 11, 2018

It is 20 years ago today that Dr Ronald Bryn John OStJ DL destroyed my life by writing that I was a high-risk suicide and I was forced to a psychiatric hospital with the threat of being sectioned if I refused.

Also Without my knowledge, he illegally forced my retirement, last day of service June 11th 1998, and my pension lump sum was passed to my divorce solicitor, Mr J Lock, and used as the financial settlement in my decree nisi.

I then fought bankruptcy.

All he wrote was that he was aggrieved that I was not grateful for what he had done for me, and has since relied on the apathy and corruption in the Health boards that became Abertawe Bro Morgannwg to avoid telling me the truth.

At the start of a NHS Complaint in 2004 a member of the Community Health Council, Jeff Lewis, said I would never win against Dr John, so how many more patients’ lives has he destroyed as he relentlessly pursued his personal ambitions?
Dr Edward Morgan Roberts was the Chairman of the Local Health Board.

Throughout the formal complaint started in October 2003 Dr John relied on his memory, despite his then current post as Medical Director of the LHB and his previous posts of Chairman of the BMA Wales, GP committee Wales and the Welsh Medical Committee,

At 11.30 11th June 1998 I made the worst decision of my life as then I had NO option but to trust that a doctor would “Do no harm”
I was held against my will in Heath House Priory, Bristol for 28 days, Section 2