Over 8 years of being a Mental Patient BUT now with no diagnosis but still suffering the discrimination.

( Read the compliment slip and his Medical Opinion)

23 years as a NHS Dentist 1975 -1998 lost for NO reason but medical malpractice/negligence.

On retirement I wasn’t given a watch as thanks for the service, I was given a debt for life and the complete opposite to thanks

I used to say as a joke ” I don’t brush my teeth in business so I’ve always got the skin to hang on to if things go wrong” I’m hanging on now and its not funny.

If anyone can assist me in getting justice please contact me.(at the bottom of the page) 

Or am I wrong  to expect a Doctor to do his job properly as in Guidance on Good  Practice  and then in a complaint answer truthfully and be prepared to explain his actions. What is the purpose of Medical Notes if they are NOT consulted in a complaint? He would have wasted no time in telling me if he was correct and could prove it.

I was taken off the Dental Register whilst in Hospital and yet Dr A did not tell me ANYTHING.

WHY wasn’t I allowed to close my affairs myself?  Why has he been allowed to get away with it?

I believe the Welsh people should also know how the NHS Complaint Service REALLY works and that a Doctor is allowed to not answer a complaint professionally and also to rely totally on his memory in his reply WITHOUT EVER consulting the relevant Medical Notes.

I need closure to enable me to survive this coronary /cardiac problem which IS stress related (see heart stuff)

and the Iatrogenic cause of the stress?

I quote Dylan Thomas for Dr A  “you rarely see a Welsh man without a beer to his mouth or a lie to his lips”.

I met Dr A either in the pub or his surgery..

and Richard Burton for me ” If there are 1000 doors and one marked self destruct then that is the one a Welshman opens”

Thank you for reading this.               

 What I did in the mean time.

I am Alyn James and qualified as a Dental Surgeon from UCH London in 1975. and  moved to South Wales in 1985 and worked single-handed, in my practice, until 1998..From 1993. I had a few problems in my life and went to see my Doctor as I was under great stress. I did not expect “help” with the problems but was advised that the Health Service may be able to help me cope but certainly did not expect what happened. I need answers to move on.

All opinions expressed herein are purely mine, having gone through all  this Auspices of Fair Comment


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