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20 years of hell started this day in 1998

June 11, 2018
It is 20 years ago today that Dr Ronald Bryn John OStJ DL destroyed my life by writing that I was a high risk suicide and I was forced to a psychiatric hospital with the threat of being sectioned if I refused. Without my knowledge he illegally forced my retirement and my pension lump sum was passed to my divorce solicitor, Mr J Lock, and used as the financial settlement in my decree nisi.
I then fought bankruptcy.
All he wrote was that he was aggrieved that I was not grateful for what he had done for me, and has since relied on the apathy and corruption in the Health boards that became Abertawe Bro Morgannwg to avoid telling me the truth.
Almost all GPs in Neath I have seen also say that I will never ever know the truth and to forget my 23 years service as a NHS Dentist. My sister Dr Keatley E James said in 2009 that she too will never tell me the truth because Dr John had used his influences to conceal a heinous act she called “her little secret” by her or her husband Dr Adwaita P Dhar, and so preserve her family’s reputations.
ABMU write that I am delusional about the documented events and so allow falsification of my records.
At the start of a NHS Complaint in 2004 a member of the Community Health Council said I would never win against Dr John, so how many more patients’ lives has he destroyed as he relentlessly pursued his personal ambitions?
At 11.30 20 years ago I made the worst decision of my life as then I had NO option but to trust that a doctor would “Do no harm”

A map of the UK detailing MP’s expenses

May 20, 2009

A map of the UK detailing MP’s expenses from MSN UK

My MP:  Constituency: Neath. MP: Hain, Rt Hon Peter. Party: LAB


Second Home: £23,083. London Supplement: £0

Office: £19,226 Staffing: £91,415. Stationery: £981

IT Provision: £1,421. Staff Cover: £3,112.

Communication: £9,377. Travel: £8,844

Total Expenses: £160,826

on top of the annual salary of £64,766 as of 1 April 2009.

A fact sheet from the UK Government about MP’s pay, pension and allowances.

( I did not feel well enough to post this as intended, yesterday, 19th May 2009)

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