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My musical journey as a Psychiatric patient

July 23, 2018

20 years of hell started this day in 1998

June 11, 2018
It is 20 years ago today that Dr Ronald Bryn John OStJ DL destroyed my life by writing that I was a high risk suicide and I was forced to a psychiatric hospital with the threat of being sectioned if I refused. Without my knowledge he illegally forced my retirement and my pension lump sum was passed to my divorce solicitor, Mr J Lock, and used as the financial settlement in my decree nisi.
I then fought bankruptcy.
All he wrote was that he was aggrieved that I was not grateful for what he had done for me, and has since relied on the apathy and corruption in the Health boards that became Abertawe Bro Morgannwg to avoid telling me the truth.
Almost all GPs in Neath I have seen also say that I will never ever know the truth and to forget my 23 years service as a NHS Dentist. My sister Dr Keatley E James said in 2009 that she too will never tell me the truth because Dr John had used his influences to conceal a heinous act she called “her little secret” by her or her husband Dr Adwaita P Dhar, and so preserve her family’s reputations.
ABMU write that I am delusional about the documented events and so allow falsification of my records.
At the start of a NHS Complaint in 2004 a member of the Community Health Council said I would never win against Dr John, so how many more patients’ lives has he destroyed as he relentlessly pursued his personal ambitions?
At 11.30 20 years ago I made the worst decision of my life as then I had NO option but to trust that a doctor would “Do no harm”

The protection of Dr John DL OStJ continues

October 23, 2017

A “No Comment” from D Byron Lewis Esq., CStJ, FCA , HM Lord Lieutenant of West Glamorgan. He is a Commander of St John Cymru Wales.
He wrote: “I am very sorry to read of your continued problems, but I regret that I am unable to comment or direct you to someone who may help you, as such matters are outside my remit.”
Deputy Lieutenants are nominated by the Lord Lieutenant, to assist with any duties as may be required.

The Vice Lieutenant, Dr Ed Roberts, was Chair of Neath Port Talbot Health Authority, Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust and was vice-Chair of Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board (ABMU) until recently. He was High Sheriff of West Glamorgan 1991-92.

Dr R Bryn John is Deputy Lieutenant of West Glamorgan. He was High Sheriff of West Glamorgan 2009/10. Dr John was Medical Director of Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust ; 2003-08 and, from his LinkedIn site, that he continues in ABMU as director of Swansea Out of Hours Service with responsibility for Clinical Gvernance

The Prior of St John Cymru Wales Sir Paul Williams OBE DL is Deputy Lieutenant of South Glamorgan. He was High Sheriff of South Glamorgan 2007/08
Sir Paul Williams OBE DL was a Chief Executive of Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust and of ABM University NHS Trust .

Between December 2008 and January 2009 ABMU made a directive that I will NEVER ever receive any form of treatment from ABMU Mental Health Services. In February 2009 Sir Paul Williams OBE DL was seconded as Chief Executive of NHS Wales. His appointment, as a freemason, to the head of the NHS in Wales was attacked as inconsistent.

Peter Vaughan QPM, CStJ, DL Chief Constable of South Wales Police is Deputy Lieutenant of Mid Glamorgan

Mr Keith Dunn Chief Executive of ST John Cymru Wales  writes that he cannot see the connection between Dr R Bryn John DL OStJ and St John Cymru Wales.
Yet Dr R Bryn John has been an Officer of St John Cymru Wales, since 2011 and is currently Chairman of West Glamorgan Council of St John Cymru Wales.

Remembering 9/11/2001

September 11, 2011

This song is dedicated to those who lost loved ones  September 11th 2001

Girl of my dreams

I hate September what a miserable time of year
Summer’s gone and winters drawing in
The nights are cold as cold as your heart
it cuts me like a knife

I wanna relax I wanna forget
I want all this to disappear
boy do I hate I hate this time of year
the stage is set and it soon becomes oh so crystal clear
you’re the reason I hate this time of year

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go I’m leaving this town
I gotta get away gotta start a new life on my own
the thought of that well it scares me ooh it scares me half to death

I wanna relax I wanna forget
I want all this to disappear
boy do I hate I hate this time of year
I want to spend the rest of my life with the girl of my dreams
trouble is the girl of my dreams was you.

tnajames 2001

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BGT 2011

June 3, 2011

I know, with hindsight, that I was on BGT 2010  for entertainment value. He got some good print out of MY debacle at my expense but HEY NHS Wales have been far more insulting. I also said at the time that BGT and the ancillary staff showed me FAR MORE RESPECT in one day than NHS Wales have shown me in 13 years.

Simon Cowell is only out to make money for his company and himself. (also what good advertising for the programme) ‘cos now, probably, many more viewers will tune in  BECAUSE of this.

If you want REAL corruption, deceit and lies then look no further than this man:

dr_bryn_john_1   Dr R Bryn JohnDr R Bryn John got where he is by his arrogance and Medical Incompetence and the protection by his “friends” in high places.

Certain people in the Wales government

and various doctors including

Dr Keatley E James, my sister, and Dr Adwaita P Dhar, her husband. Dr R Lewis, Dr G Kahan, and Dr Mudally. Not forgetting the psychatrists Drs Ague,  Ballsurryia and Muthakkumar.

Dr RB John thinks he is water-tight but then the White Star Line thought the Titanic was unsinkable.

Nobody gave a second thought about my being sectioned and forcibly retired in 1998, on a pack of lies and I also didn’t anticipate getting 500 hits on this blog yesterday so wasn’t prepared for the sudden incidental interest.

I find it difficult fighting thoughts of suicide especially since the Welsh Assembly Government Health Secretariat via Beverly Delacruz have told me to ring the Samaritans when I told them I cannot get treatment for how I feel and so they deny me my basic rights as a patient and by so doing they have failed in their Duty of Care towards me.

Why do NHS Wales refuse to listen?? BECAUSE to listen to me would show the massive amounts of corruption surrounding Dr RB John. So they would prefer me to continue my entrapment as a Psychiatric Patient and also show me the prejudice and discrimination afforded to psychiatric patients.

THIS is the song I WAS gonna sing and so surprise Simes, Amanda and Piers BUT I gave the wrong CD. Seemed even I couldn’t catch the effin train on time myself.