Why I am right and need resolution.

I realise, and have known for some time, that the claim for negligence is seriously out of date and I speak as a Medical Professional qualified in August 1975.

Proof of negilgence in medical treatment:  A) I have no diagnosis of any illness (Independent Review)  B) Dr A is causative of my destruction (Public Services Ombudsman) C) A letter exists, dated late 1999, in my Medical Notes where Dr A admits that he did not believe it was his duty to inform me of my impending retirement. This is in a letter to a dentist on the Local Health Board at the time. He is sadly deceased. D) No where in my medical notes has he written that he informed me, as his patient, of my impending retirement.

 At no time did Dr A adhere to the Advice on good record keeping from the Medical Protection Society, the Guidance on Good Practice from the General Medical Council and the Terms of service for a General Practitioner in the N.H.S.


Dr A’s letter dated 4th June 1998 and the psychiatrists letter dated 29th June 1999 are one year apart and I had then gone through the financial hell I describe here:   

 I was EXTREMELY fragile at that time as I had had to endure HELL since July 1998. Also I received NO help from Dr A or even an explanation as to what had gone wrong. I was discharged (as an out patient) from Heath House in December 1998 so I then had NOONE to turn to until I managed to get Dr A to refer me to the Local Mental Health Unit by screaming for help and jumping on a chair in a full waiting room at his surgery. This was after SO MANY attempts to get any form of help and was in late 1999. 18 months after I had left hospital.

 I sought Legal advice all those years ago and I forgot to add that all conversation was conducted by telephone as I did not have a website at the time. .All were exceedingly unhelpful and showed some form of  prejudice towards me as “A Mental Patient” An attitude now all too common. Auspices of Fair Comment

From 1998 to Oct 2003 I was on psychiatric medicines that made it difficult to do anything constructive in the day, I received NO help from ANYONE with my now burgeoning Mental Health Problems. Need I say financial problems? C.C.J’S, Deduction of Earnings Orders, Bankruptcy threats. I never gave up trying to find out why everything went so catastrophically wrong. Dr A resolutely kept quiet.

Then I find that damn compliments slip. I wish I hadn’t.  This gave me proof that Dr A did not do one thing. He never told, and  never intended to tell, me his Medical Opinion FACE TO FACE and he also exaggerated my symptoms. Proof is the fact that he has, in writing, said I was in effect a liability to my patients and yet he allowed me to continue WORK indefinitely as a single handed Practitioner. Please read the Opinion from where I quote SITUATIONS that could lead to litigation.  and  Crying in front of patients  and ASKING WHAT I AM DOING DURING A PROCEDURE WITH A PATIENTS.

Dr A in the NHS complaint did not consult MY medical notes and prove/ clarify his actions. He said he did not remember and was always there for me. AND this took him nine months from the start of the complaint. Nine months to spend “remembering nothing” when he could have asked to see my notes and proved his actions.

I now know why he answered that way but also I do not understand why the whole of the NHS procedure allowed him to not consult Medical Notes. Are they not legal documents showing a true and accurate statement of fact regarding that patient’s treatment? I was told, as a Dentist, it was of vital importance to write accurate etc notes so that they can be used as evidence in any legal action. Yet Dr A has never looked at my medical notes since 2002/3, as far as I know, BUT as he knows of the procedures “lax” investigations and the fact I was a mental patient he did not worry. No contest with a “mad” dentist versus the Medical Director of a  Local Health Board and once Chair of many medical committees.

The compliment slip shows he failed in the duties to me as my Medical Practitioner.

a)                    if I was as ill as he said  what on earth did he think was I going to do having read that? I am sure a high risk suicide with sudden mental blackouts would not be rational in his interpretation and then I would go to work the following day As my GP it was his duty to explain and inform in a manner that I would understand. (see Professional Links on my website) Also it would be more medically correct to inform me in his surgery

b)                    b) he knew that I would read it alone because of the casual way he wrote on the slip. That casual way showed that he did not attach any importance, as such, to that document. A document that had said I was a complete psychiatric wreck and just about to get sued for something I wouldn’t be able to remember doing.

c)                    Or maybe he thought I wasn’t ill and had made up a bit for effect to get me retired early. I was off the Dental Register 12th June 1998. WHY wasn’t I told it was to happen? He patently ignored the stress I was under and had told him  I am sure you know that it is the General Practitioners sole responsibility to inform a patient about the proposed treatment in a  manner that the patient may understand. This is from the guidance to good practice on the G M C site.

I was a high risk suicide on June 4th 1998 and incapable of looking after my own affairs and yet I was expected to sort out the disaster Dr A had caused.

            It seems that I lost any respect that I may have had as a Dental Surgeon the moment I was forced to go to a psychiatric hospital. That day I also lost any human rights that I had had as a British Citizen.

I have been forced to loose everything I have ever worked for because of Doctor A. He is negligent and he has not followed his terms of service as a NHS G.P. He intentionally misled the NHS Complaint Procedure.

I have 3 secondary diagnoses one in 2006 where the Local Mental Health team say I have no discernible mental Illness at present and need resolution to this problem as there is so much that is not correct NHS Procedure. One in 2007 from the Psychiatric Consultant that I am suffering from depression because of my problems but I will not be treated. One GP in my current surgery also says that I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. All suggested I should have medication but this is contraindicated because of my Cardiac problem caused by stress. In effect they treat the symptoms NOT the cause. However from Easter 2008 read THIS

All opinions expressed herein are purely mine, having gone through all this. Auspices of Fair Comment


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