What happened on my release

                 On my release, in July 1998, I was forbidden to contact my Practice and was still on heavy medication. I do not remember too much at this time but I do remember being constantly told that all was OK every time I asked I was told, but no details.
 However I do remember clearly:
A) The first day I discovered my Bank Accounts were closed: (1-2 weeks after my release)
B) The insults from quite a lot of patients every time I went out and thus the realisation my practice had collapsed: 
C) The CSA continuing to hound me as payments had stopped and the Deductions of earnings order they placed on me: 
D) The Insurance company telling me, when I was asked where I had been, that the payments had completed early because I had not told them of my change of circumstances. I never ever received the full settlement in the Insurance Claim.
E) All Direct Debits and Standing Orders were stopped and they also threatened to repossess my car.

                My whole life was now SO much worse and I was told I was a high risk suicide in hospital. I now had no money and I only went to hospital because of that promise of help. IF they hadn’t promised as they did I would have refused to go and then what would have happened. So I trusted a Doctor for the LAST time.

                 I was now desperate for answers or help but I received nothing. Daily I had more horrors to cope with BUT NO-ONE and I stress NO-ONE listened to my pleas for HELP or told me what had gone on. especially Dr A.
                I heard, from my divorce solicitor in, late July early August, that I had been fully retired on June 11th 1998. No-one else EVER told me despite my incessant questions. He also had arranged for the majority of the lump sum of my pension to be given to my wife, the rest he took as fees.
            I had to be strong enough to sell my Practice in November at a great loss and thus gain a debt for life. I had lost most of my patients (4000++) and thus the goodwill that determined the sale price.

 Almost immediately I was informed that there now was an error with my Pension. As my Practice had been “open” I would have to be “Off Sick” from June 11th to a date in November when I would be fully retired and that there would be NO financial penalty. This was from the Health Authority. However a debt of £4500 was raised and I was ordered to pay that sum in total immediately and I had to borrow this money from my sister. This is when she said Dr A MEANT WELL. She was his senior Medical Partner. My final pension was also reduced because of this.

                     Then an Inland Revenue collector called one day in 1999 asking for settlement of unpaid Tax . He mentioned a figure of over £10k.  I forget the real figure but I collapsed and he, after making sure I was OK, cancelled the debt, I believe, as I heard no more.

             All the while enduring the onslaught from the CSA ( which ended in 2002). I had increasingly suicidal thoughts now as they had been introduced in hospital BUT because of the hell that had been unleashed, when I was treated as a high risk suicideI  I fought them alone. But I eventually told  Dr A and he again said or did nothing. I do remember him calling me obese tho’ at about 13.5stone and 5’10” which is quite rich coming from him as he is shorter and more rotund/fat


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