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12th September 2007

A) those moments of sheer anger frustration  AND rage

B)If I was depressed before and considered unable to look after my life prior to that day in 1998………….

C)I am angry  as I have lost the reason for the majority of my life for no other reason than Dr A failed catastrophically   

 D) in 1985 my practice was worth 110k, say 200k in today’s terms. and sold for 28k with a bit of a shortfall 

E)  On the first visit to the Local Mental Health Team the counsellor turned up over 30 minutes late

F) I went to my DR RB John  for help because I was under stress and he made it catastrophically worse

G)  It was pointed out to me yesterday that Dr RB John  can not be a very nice person

H)  Not being able to access advice easily can add to the harassment of financial worries or demands from officialdom. And quite ordinary worries might become magnified if there is no-one to talk them through with.” which is why I went to Dr RB John.

I) I bumped into Dr RB John in Tescos yesterday

J)  I have a letter, addressed to a Dental Surgeon on the LHB, dated in 1999 where Dr RB John expressed his surprise I had not been told about my retirement   also here

K)  I feel a little more relaxed now as I now know that I WAS NOT THAT ILL but HAS MY ANGER INCREASED

Why did he not tell me what had happened, on my release, when I asked him what was going on

In 1984/5 when I was arranging moving back to Wales, from London, I was told that moving back to Wales was like moving to a 4th World country

denial OF RESPONSIBILITIES   Dr RB John because he forgot (I assume) to tell me I WAS TO BE RETIRED

Part 2


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