My losses

               I have a £68,000 mortgage on my house. The house built by my Grandfather and left to me on my mother’s death. I am the 1st member of my family to EVER have a mortgage on this house. Thanks to the mortgage I have a reminder of £400 pcm to remind me of all of this.
So all I gained out of working for the NHS as a Dentist for 23 years is a debt
            I have lost the whole purpose and point of my life since my A Levels as they were taken to follow my chosen career. I entered University in 1967 to read Dentistry so all that hard work has been wasted.
           My divorce finalised just after my release from hospital so I also lost at the same time my family home and family life. My wife was having an affair which I discovered almost at the same time as my mother died.
         All my belongings were thrown away from the Practice. For example a collage of pictures of my Dad, me and my son all at the age of 6 years old and looking exactly the same
                 When I left hospital I was living in the same house as I was prior to my going to University, about the same amount of available money as my Bank had foreclosed my Accounts. ie none.
                   I can’t play my guitar fast or for more than a few minutes at a time because of the circulatory problems I am having now. Piano is one handed.
                  I have absolutely nothing to occupy my mind in the way it used to be. Like the problems and pressures of work something I was used to since 1967 but definitely since 1975. IF Dr A had been competent I would not miss them as the memories would take over. Then the good ones would flood through like the 1st one from practice where a female patient dramatically opened her coat to reveal her umm chest I had been in practice about one month and didn’t have a clue what to do. My first thought would have had me struck off immediately !) Loads more but each now end with Doctor A and this sh*t.
                     What this means I can not have memories now apart from the bad ones caused by Dr A and his incompetence. Not even the ones of my youth because THEY also lead to Dr A etc….


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