My complaint

My original questions asked in the Complaint now seem stupid and unclear to me. BUT. I had just come off the medication, which was an horrific experience. Cold Turkey is the more common description. I only had the courage and strength to look at my Medical Notes later because I also had NO HELP from the CHC , or anyone else for that matter despite my pleas for assistance,. to formulate the questions properly.. My complaint as initially accepted by The Local Health Board required answers to:
a) Who sent me to in June 1998?
b) Why on my release did I receive no treatment and/or no assistance to rebuild my life?
c) Why promised, on two occasions to assist my receptionist sort out the mess now caused in my Practice? And why nothing was done?
d) Who informed NHS Pensions initially that I was on Sick Leave and why this was changed to permanent retirement and why this cost me £4500?  I got this wrong as I was fully retired from June 11th1998. Then everything went wrong because I was NEVER told anything about anything.
e) Why I was not afforded the right as a patient, to be examined as to the efficacy of this change. Who decided, without examining me, that I should permanently be retired?
f) Why have I NEVER been told what is supposed to be wrong with me? (see Patients Contract)
                        The investigation from the LAHB produced the letter from Dr A which answered question a) by ” from memory I do not remember” and for question b) “I was always there for him and arranged treatment after 18 months”
                       The investigation from the Independent Review answered question f) by saying that I had no diagnosis and for question b) that the treatment I eventually received was good treatment and set out to prove I did not fit in and had other Mental Problems for example a persecution complex They could find no fault with Dr B as it was a clinical matter. They provided me with the documents I requested under the Data Protection Act 1998. I however asked why I was not offered treatment immediately after my release. 14 months after the collapse of my world had occurred. They said Dr A had private and personel notes about me. i.e. a second set or copy of my Medical Notes. This is illegal I believe.             
                          The investigation from the Public Services Ombudsman  said Dr A was causative of my problems but because it was employment related they would not find fault and closed the investigation. The Public Services Ombudsman has, personally, on the 3rd request, refused to provide me with ANY documents. I requested them because of a statement on the first refusal that said ” the majority of which are already in my possession” I wanted to see the ones I DO NOT HAVE, as is my right I believe.
                        They both say they have read my Medical Notes yet ignore a letter also exists, for example, dated 4th June 1998 from Dr A that says it is his opinion that I was not fit for Dental Practice and thus his opinion I should be retired on Ill Health Grounds. Is that not a medical opinion? Should I been told this under my rights as a patient?
                          When I rang The Ombudsman recently to say I would not be in further contact and would refer them to the Information Commissioner. When I apologised for being so angry and broke down the lady accepted my apology and laughed. THEN I receive a letter from the Corporate service Manager interpreting my telephone-call as a request for review. A review of what? The whole complaint or their refusal to let me have the Documents. ( he never did do the “review” ) This would be interesting as it was the Corporate service Manager that refused me, in no uncertain terms, to have the documents in the 1st place. But no answers to any questions I asked but I assume questions c, d were the reason for the “employment” decision.

                          The investigation from the Health Services Inspectorate was that I forgot what Dr A told me as it is a side effect of the disease for which I have no diagnosis. Apart from the confusion about wether I have a mental disorder at the time, they have also implied negligence by Dr A because if THEY knew the side-effects then why did Dr A do nothing.

                          On asking for the documents they held under the Data Protection Act I was informed that they would not release these documents until I sent a copy of a utility bill to prove I am who I am. I wish for proof that they are who they say they  are considering they know infinitely more about me than I will ever know about them .


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