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The protection of Dr John DL OStJ continues

October 23, 2017

A “No Comment” from D Byron Lewis Esq., CStJ, FCA , HM Lord Lieutenant of West Glamorgan. He is a Commander of St John Cymru Wales.
He wrote: “I am very sorry to read of your continued problems, but I regret that I am unable to comment or direct you to someone who may help you, as such matters are outside my remit.”
Deputy Lieutenants are nominated by the Lord Lieutenant, to assist with any duties as may be required.

The Vice Lieutenant, Dr Ed Roberts, was Chair of Neath Port Talbot Health Authority, Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust and was vice-Chair of Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board (ABMU) until recently. He was High Sheriff of West Glamorgan 1991-92.

Dr R Bryn John is Deputy Lieutenant of West Glamorgan. He was High Sheriff of West Glamorgan 2009/10. Dr John was Medical Director of Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust ; 2003-08 and, from his LinkedIn site, that he continues in ABMU as director of Swansea Out of Hours Service with responsibility for Clinical Gvernance

The Prior of St John Cymru Wales Sir Paul Williams OBE DL is Deputy Lieutenant of South Glamorgan. He was High Sheriff of South Glamorgan 2007/08
Sir Paul Williams OBE DL was a Chief Executive of Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust and of ABM University NHS Trust .

Between December 2008 and January 2009 ABMU made a directive that I will NEVER ever receive any form of treatment from ABMU Mental Health Services. In February 2009 Sir Paul Williams OBE DL was seconded as Chief Executive of NHS Wales. His appointment, as a freemason, to the head of the NHS in Wales was attacked as inconsistent.

Peter Vaughan QPM, CStJ, DL Chief Constable of South Wales Police is Deputy Lieutenant of Mid Glamorgan

Mr Keith Dunn Chief Executive of ST John Cymru Wales  writes that he cannot see the connection between Dr R Bryn John DL OStJ and St John Cymru Wales.
Yet Dr R Bryn John has been an Officer of St John Cymru Wales, since 2011 and is currently Chairman of West Glamorgan Council of St John Cymru Wales.