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My Kafkaesque journey in corruption

June 26, 2016

I cannot receive treatment from ABMU and the fact that all GPs I have seen, say I will never be told the truth shows that whilst they may not know the reason I was intentionally destroyed, they know the reason why I will never receive the truth. This I feel shows the extent of corruption that has been in place in this area of NHS Wales since its formation in 1999.

During my quest for resolution I have learnt of many similar cases of protection and corruption, since at least 1985, some involving Dr RB John, my sister and many many others. Two personal instances involve my sister and her husband surrounding the deaths of both my father, 1986, and my mother, 1993, which I noted at the time.

I have one blemish on my career as I was found at fault, in 1993, for “extraction of the wrong tooth”. I will not go into details but my Medical Protection Barrister said that my case was opportunistic and the result was unfair as I had followed all legal and professional requirements. The patient’s husband was a senior member on the board of Neath YMCA and it is written in the CV of Dr RB John that he was a board member of the YMCA, but no date. Is that just a coincidence?

Also Dr RB John was a President of Neath Round Table and Past President of Neath Rotary Club in 1998/99. I assume that my divorce solicitor was a member of both and so this post could have “facilitated the transfer” of my pension lump sum in 1998. Before my hospitalisation, I was a Freemason, raised to the 3rd degree, and fellows still say that Dr R B John is well protected but will not elaborate. I can receive no help from them.


BALLS up/off

April 20, 2010

DOCTOR accidentally cut off a patient’s right TESTICLE, a medical tribunal heard yesterday.   He had previously been investigated for injecting himself with a patient’s sedative drug.

But the Jordanian doc was dismissed only after being accused of stealing two boxes of painkiller dihydrocodeine.

At least Dr Gama admitted to his COCK UP but ……


The Welsh government was unable to demonstrate the value for money of the £214m it has spent on this programme and the Wales Audit Office’s recent report in relation to the Plas Madoc partnership has reiterated serious concerns over the Welsh government’s management.

So there are some other areas the Assembly are substandard.


I have just finished a series of counselling appointments from a Local Counselling Charity. 1st visit gave a history of the problems. 2nd visit the counsellor said “I needed concrete answers not counselling” SO that was that…….

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September 29, 2009

I received an appointment yesterday for the Mental Health Gateway Team for Oct 7th…in Castle Surgery. I have left Castle Surgery.

FOR FUCK’s SAKE I have asked for help since December 22nd and now 9 months later the appointment arrives TOO FKN LATE AND with the “team” that would not offer me help earlier this year, twice.

RE my ex-surgery: I asked for reassurance re my heart in April 2008 and received a Cardio team appointment EVENTUALLY after 9 months of asking.

I asked about the continuing problems with my left and right arms but failed to get a response from Castle Surgery after 9 months of asking.

By response I mean not an insult or bullying as from Dr L and K, BUT true and professional treatment from my GP.

I was waylaid by a friend today and he showed me a letter from my ex-surgery which said “That they had just noticed that there is an interaction between two tablets he is taking and they wish to change the medication, signed by a female doctor. He has been taking these tablets for 15 years. YES FIFETEEN years. AND I have no confidence!?!?

YET in 2 hours on Saturday


The NHS came 14th out of 33 European countries, making it one of the worst systems in Western Europe. I was told, in 1985, that the NHS In Wales was worse than that of a 4th World Country. So how does that compare now? ‘Cos what is a 4th World country?? What on earth could have a system WORSE than that in Wales?


Interesting comment in this article. A tycoon suspected of hiding £400million in a bitter divorce battle was yesterday accused of faking a mental breakdown to avoid jail.

Mr Young’s barrister, Philip Marshall, denied that his client’s hospital treatment was a ‘put-up job’. He was admitted to an NHS hospital for two weeks, not a ‘fashionable’ celebrity clinic such as the Priory, he told the court.

ANOTHER unanswered question I have is WHY was I sent to the Priory in 1998 AND WHO PAID ??? I asked that question for almost 10 years and failed to get an answer because Dr RB John could not remember.


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June 30, 2009

Dr G told to stop using the Nitrolingual spray given by the Out of Hours Doctor on Saturday. SO who do I now believe??

My BP for Dr G  was 132/80 and pulse, I believe, 72 so I have actually got better as my pulse used to be 100+ and BP 150+ over 80ish before. But then I am on tablets.

I BEGGED him to treat the cause rather than the symptoms and read, and gave, him a brief paraphrase of the last post saying that this could be the last time he sees me if I get another shock like that. Does he want that on his conscience for the rest of his life, if he does nothing.

I have just had a blood test for Lipids, Liver function and something else I forget. I was supposed to fast but I do not remember Dr G telling me that. Anyway I only had a coffee two and a half hours earlier so it was deemed OK. No gloves were used tho’ and the hands weren’t washed by the nurse, so no hygiene precautions were seen again. Telling Dr G about these breaches seems to fall on deaf ears

I really want to die at the moment but it is no use telling Dr G because thanks to the various psychiatrists in Neath I am banned from any further treatment cos I wont take medication without a diagnosis


On the way from the blood test and within 200 yards of C Surgery I got way laid by Brian and Andy, 2 ex patients, Andy needs a clearance of all his remaining teeth and wanted me to do them as the NHS will NOT arrange a general anaesthetic for him and he has to pay over £400 which he has not got. He said my ex practice had gone to the dogs, no one seemed to care anymore like the time I was there. They both said almost in harmony “I was the best dentist etc etc” They are both professional singers so it was a minor third, Brian taking the root.

THEN I met and had a coffee with an mate for MIND and HE said, without prompting, that Dr John was the most unpopular Doctor in Briton Ferry Surgery. He said there were queues for the other docs as no one volunteered to see Dr John. Only his words of course but I had heard that before. He had just changed surgeries to Castle Surgery so I told him to avoid K and L for a start and see G or M if he could and told him why.

Then I saw my effin brother in law and I burst into tears. I could take no more.

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The corrupt protect their own.

June 19, 2009

Doctors in Neath seem to show the same indignant righteousness, over diagnoses as do MP’s over their expenses.  AND I stupidly expected my Member of Parliament and Assembly Member to assist me expose the corruption in the Health Service in Neath/ Wales/ UK.

Dr Gwen Kahan sends me to the local Psychiatric Unit because I query a comment that my heart disease has been misdiagnosed. She screams at me that I am an ungrateful patient and I should grow up and move on. Look woman all I wanted was a CORRECT fucking  DIAGNOSIS.

Dr Muthakkumar refuses to see me because I apparently refused treatment for an illness/disease for which HE refuses to give me a diagnosis. I am therefore BANNED from the local Psychiatric Unit BECAUSE of this. Look arsehole all I want is a diagnosis of any illness I may have, I have asked EVERY FUCKING shrink I have seen for a fucking diagnosis but all have refused me my basic right. I turn up to EVERY given appointment as my part of the patient’s side of the NHS contract, no matter how hard I know it is going to turn out.

And the instigator of ALL this Dr RB John MAKES UP a diagnosis which destroy my life completely. Then the  marvelously named Mr DH  Simpson from the Independent Review says I have NO DIAGNOSIS BUT THE TREATMENT FOR THIS UNDIAGNOSED DISEASE WAS EXEMPLARY.

DOH!!! (which of course is an acronym for Department Of Health) How apt!!


Diagnosis: Typically, a person with abnormal symptoms will consult a physician, who will then obtain a history of the patient’s illness and examine him for signs of disease. The physician will formulate a hypothesis of likely diagnoses and in many cases will obtain further testing to confirm or clarify the diagnosis before providing treatment.

DAI-gnosis: <pronounced diagnosis>  In Wales this means “fuck the patient” because the medical profession, see no reason to tell the patient what is wrong with him/her, and then actively block the patient’s request FOR A correct Medical diagnosis. The practitioner then provides treatment which either is unnecessary or catastrophically wrong.

Corrupt: an “impairment of integrity, virtue or moral principle; depravity, decay, and/or an inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means.

Corruption: the dysfunction of a political system or institution in which government officials, political officials or employees seek illegitimate personal gain through actions such as bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, patronage, graft, and embezzlement.