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Remembering 9/11/2001

September 11, 2011

This song is dedicated to those who lost loved ones  September 11th 2001

Girl of my dreams

I hate September what a miserable time of year
Summer’s gone and winters drawing in
The nights are cold as cold as your heart
it cuts me like a knife

I wanna relax I wanna forget
I want all this to disappear
boy do I hate I hate this time of year
the stage is set and it soon becomes oh so crystal clear
you’re the reason I hate this time of year

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go I’m leaving this town
I gotta get away gotta start a new life on my own
the thought of that well it scares me ooh it scares me half to death

I wanna relax I wanna forget
I want all this to disappear
boy do I hate I hate this time of year
I want to spend the rest of my life with the girl of my dreams
trouble is the girl of my dreams was you.

tnajames 2001

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Heath House Priory Hospital, Bristol. Part 3

April 14, 2011

A song written in the 1st few weeks at Heath House:

Priory day 1

I didn’t say yesterday but I was removed from the Dental Register and fully retired by 12th June 1998. 8 days after he wrote that Opinion.

BUT nobody told me I had to find that out AFTER I was discharged from hospital and thrown into an unimaginable financial and professional hell.

If I had refused to go and managed to “avoid capture”, since I was told I had no choice as I would be made to go, sectioned, if I kept refusing, and I had gone to work the next day to see my 09.00 patient.

Would I then have been ILLEGALLY practicing as a Dentist as I was now no longer on the Dental Register and also fully retired??

Britain’s Got Talent

January 24, 2011

I did not receive an audition this year, basically because I didn’t apply. How could I follow such a depressing song, LLOL?

BUT I was messing around with Sony Vega Movie Studio 9 and came up with this.

It  is a parody, of sorts, but I say thank you SO MUCH  to the friends that appear in the video. Thanks to all for their support over the past years.

And thanks to all at Britain’s Got Talent for restarting my unending search to expose the truth. Without their help I still would be fighting this alone.

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Should this be the Christmas number 1?

December 19, 2010

Throw away the key (Christmas is coming)


I got my xmas tree today. The bloke said “Are you gonna put that up yourself ?” , I said “No you dirty bastard, I’m gonna put it in the lounge !

Have a good Christmas, if you can. Well it looks like the scenes on the Christmas cards round here and all us Brits do is complain! Altho’ I would like to have the opportunity to complain instead of being in the shit I am now thanks to Dr RB John

I wish all my old friends from here the best Christmas that they can have and hope our shit will soon be over.

Things are the same here, no one listening to me, suicidal thoughts are in the front of my mind BUT I re -met a really old and good friend from 35 years ago and she helps me quantify it all a little….

Britain’s Got Talent took away my dignity: Disabled contestant sues Cowell for discrimination | Mail Online

July 22, 2010

HAHAHAHA stupid bitch. And in The Sun. Funny how SHE can get Legal help with her spurious claim and I get constantly told to get lost and I HAVE  written proof that I am right IN MY COMPLAINT against Dr RB John and NHS Wales

I was there, I too was humiliated and I too was laughed at, for fucks sake woman ACCEPT IT.

The onstage sound WAS poor, no vocal monitors for example and also surround sound,  and I too was not used to the radio microphone, more used to a battered SM58 held together with gaffa tape. No rehearsals, just told to walk on stage in front of 4000 people to sing one song, out of the 400 I have written, knowing at the back of my heart, that I would be ridiculed. BUT hey I have had my 15 nanoseconds of fame!!!

NHS Wales took away MY dignity thanks to Dr RB John and still after 12 years DENY the truth BUT appearing on that programme HAS generated interest in my retirement against my wishes.

And also I now have fans in Vietnam, France and Russia as well as shouts of “Its that retired dentist” in town. STILL get them, thanks!!!