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only 10 months to go

June 12, 2020

Here we go again. Its 22 years now and I am nowhere nearer the truth. But then many GPs, say that I will never be told the TRUTH,

In 10 months time, I will have been out of Dentistry for longer than I was a Dentist thanks to Dr Ronald Bryn John CStJ DL.
Also thanks in no small part to my sister Dr Keatley E James and her husband retired Gynaecologist Dr Adwaita P Dhar. She said in 2009 that Dr John had protected their reputations and pensions following a heinous act and so she would not help me get to the truth as she would always protect Dr John. I have heard many times what this heinous act may be regarding her husband Dr Adwaita P Dhar and his posts in the old Neath General Hospital and in the Community, but I have no written proof so I cannot even hint at what this may be.

Both have now had 22 years of illegally preserved Reputations and of course both with a full pension’ It feels like I am doing the sentence for their crimes.

A few years ago a Freemason from a Neath Lodge St Illtyd 6078, Mr Nick Wood, said that Dr John is well protected and I will never be told the truth. I assumed this was a Masonic warning and discovered Paul Williams was Chief Executive of Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust from 2004 – 2008, so during the NHS Complaint vs Dr John 2003-07, and he was appointed Chief Exec of NHS Wales in 2008 Sir Paul Williams is the current Prior of St John, was High Sheriff of South Glamorgan 2007/08 and is currently Deputy Lord Lieutenant of South Glamorgan.

Another Freemason, (Jeff ?) advised me to contact St John Cymru Wales regarding Dr John CStJ bringing their good name into disrepute. This resulted in a threat by the People’s Manager, D Mathews, who threatened me with the police whilst falsely accused me of harassing their staff.

Mr Wood has since said the protection was being afforded by High Sheriffs and Lord-Lieutenants.


The protection of Dr John DL CStJ continues

October 23, 2017

A “No Comment” from D Byron Lewis Esq., CStJ, FCA , HM Lord Lieutenant of West Glamorgan. He is a Commander of St John Cymru Wales.
He wrote: “I am very sorry to read of your continued problems, but I regret that I am unable to comment or direct you to someone who may help you, as such matters are outside my remit.”
Deputy Lieutenants are nominated by the Lord Lieutenant, to assist with any duties as may be required.

The Vice Lieutenant, Dr Ed Roberts, was Chair of Neath Port Talbot Health Authority, Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust and was vice-Chair of Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board (ABMU) until recently. He was High Sheriff of West Glamorgan 1991-92.

Dr R Bryn John is Deputy Lieutenant of West Glamorgan. He was High Sheriff of West Glamorgan 2009/10. I contacted the High Sheriff’s Association but they would not reply by letter. I rang them and was threatened by Mr Williams LLB who kept repeating that he was a retired solicitor and so knew what he was talking about.