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My Kafkaesque journey in corruption

June 26, 2016

I cannot receive treatment from ABMU and the fact that all GPs I have seen, say I will never be told the truth shows that whilst they may not know the reason I was intentionally destroyed, they know the reason why I will never receive the truth. This I feel shows the extent of corruption that has been in place in this area of NHS Wales since its formation in 1999.

During my quest for resolution I have learnt of many similar cases of protection and corruption, since at least 1985, some involving Dr RB John, my sister and many many others. Two personal instances involve my sister and her husband surrounding the deaths of both my father, 1986, and my mother, 1993, which I noted at the time.

I have one blemish on my career as I was found at fault, in 1993, for “extraction of the wrong tooth”. I will not go into details but my Medical Protection Barrister said that my case was opportunistic and the result was unfair as I had followed all legal and professional requirements. The patient’s husband was a senior member on the board of Neath YMCA and it is written in the CV of Dr RB John that he was a board member of the YMCA, but no date. Is that just a coincidence?

Also Dr RB John was a President of Neath Round Table and Past President of Neath Rotary Club in 1998/99. I assume that my divorce solicitor was a member of both and so this post could have “facilitated the transfer” of my pension lump sum in 1998. Before my hospitalisation, I was a Freemason, raised to the 3rd degree, and fellows still say that Dr R B John is well protected but will not elaborate. I can receive no help from them.


It still goes on.

June 17, 2016

It has been made perfectly obvious to me that officials of Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board (ABMU) in NHS Wales will continue to deny me the truth surrounding my enforced and immediate psychiatric hospitalisation in 1998 which caused my Professional, financial and medical destruction and my sudden retirement from being a NHS Dentist, because of the intentionally false diagnosis by my then GP Dr RB John. I was 48 and have a large debt for life.

My psychiatric well being has since deteriorated because of the unnecessary treatment for the initial false diagnosis of “a severe neurotic depressive illness” I have other diagnoses of, for example: Paranoia, delusions and dislocation from reality from the NHS Complaint 2003-07; Dysthymia in 2009; a delusional disorder of the persecutory type (DSMIV-TR 297)in 2011: No delusions in 2012 and in June 2013 the Acting Clinical Director of ABMU MHS referenced the above diagnoses writing they were consistent and that I had a psychosocial disorder and made an offer of time limited psycho therapy, which has been withdrawn.

This was accepted as a diagnosis by the Ombudsman BUT ABMU wrote that it was a Managerial Comment,not a diagnosis, and so The Clinical Director had done nothing ethically, morally or criminally wrong, in a subsequent Fitness to Practice concern with the Health Care Professionals Council. Again a Data protection request was refused.

So the letter had two meanings now, convenient to the circumstances.

Following 2 visits from South Wales Police, concerned for my welfare, I now have an adjustment disorder secondary to a stress reaction from January 2016. The Ombudsmen say it is an employment issue despite my being suddenly retired on ill health ,psychiatric, grounds as initiated by Dr John, without that initiating diagnosis I would not have been placed in this position. The medical Opinion has been constantly refused as evidence,described as “new evidence”.

I took an overdose in 2013 and was told at a subsequent appointment that ABMU would not offer treatment and to seek private counselling which I had done previously in 2009 and 2010 and then for 2 years from 2013 until sadly the Counsellor became seriously ill in mid 2015; he was willing to give his opinion before his illness. The other counsellors said that I need answers not treatment but none would put that in writing. I was recently referred, Feb 2016, to the Dental Health Programme and the counsellor wrote “you are in a very difficult space what would happen to you if could accept you will never get the answers you require and live your life no longer determined by what NHS Wales have done to you it may give you a sense of freedom that haven’t had for best part 20 years. You can’t change the past but you can take control of your future” Apart from the large debt for the shortfall on sale of my practice, and . related medical conditions, I still have many reminders of my past career as patients still stop me and say how much they miss me. Many relay their recent dental problems to me and even ask advice, the latest being an hour or so after the last appointment with the Psychiatrists on 17th May 2016. I cannot just switch of my “dental mode”. I have documents from NHS Pensions which show my concerns. I sadly have no memory of receipt and they are copies. At the time in 1998 I was about 6 weeks or so away from full and final resolution of all my problems.

xI am constantly told to contact Abertawe Bro Morgannwg but the Chief Executive Paul Roberts has written that he will not respond to my communications as my concerns have been investigated, NHS Complaint GT/DMR/JAME01003/xxxxxxxx yet I do not know the result and they have denied my Data Protection requests.

I saw my psychiatric notes, in an appointment 17/05/16, with Dr Robertson Psychiatric Consultant, and I made the comment that their size, almost 2 inches deep, were a waste of resources from an initial false diagnosis . She looked at them and seemed to agree. I have a witness. I also said I was treated as a pseudo-patient in hospital in 1998 and now am being treated as a non existent imposter as in the 1973 experiment To be sane in insane places by Professor David Rosenhan. She had no knowledge of this experiment.

Recently my medical concern has expanded beyond the NHS and involves officers of the Order of St John, a royal order of chivalry including, for example, the GP Dr R Bryn John, the Chief Constable of South Wales Police and Carwyn Jones, Leader of the Welsh Government. This could easily explain my treatment and the responses to my complaint from ABMU, departments of the Welsh Government and two Welsh Pubic Service Ombudsmen since at least 2003. A past Welsh Health Minister, Edwina Hart holds the honour CstJ.

The Trustees of The Order Of St John list Sir Paul Williams, who is a past Chief Executive of a fore-runner of ABMU and also a past Chief Executive of NHS Wales, and Peter Vaughan, Chief Constable of South Wales Police.

Dr John was Medical Director of the Health Board during the complaint; High Sheriff of West Glamorgan in 2009/10 and currently is Deputy Lord Lieutenant of the county. He became an officer of the Order of St John in 2011.

I was advised by the NHS Counter Fraud Unit in Pontypool to contact the Police regarding the abuse of a position of power by Dr R B John but when I contacted the Chief Constable as I had heard nothing he replied that I had been contacted and that there was nothing to investigate but when I asked him to clarify these statements he wrote that he would not make any further comment, which I believe is the written version of “no comment”. Which is disturbing.

NHS Wales deny me treatment……

March 11, 2011

This is the proper document:

Officials have had the opportunity to review the previous correspondence between the Welsh Assembly Government and yourself, and recognise how strongly you feel about the way your complaint has been handled.  However, there really is nothing more we can add to what has already been said in our previous correspondence. 

We would urge you to continue discussing any outstanding concerns you have about your current treatment with your GP and the Mental Health Gateway Team, as they are best placed to advise you on the most suitable treatment options and support available to you.  The Welsh Assembly Government cannot comment on individual cases, as we have explained before. 

We are, of course, concerned to read that there are times when you are finding it so hard to cope with your situation, that you have referred to ideas of self harm.  As advised by the Mental Health Gateway Team, the Samaritans can provide confidential support to people during very difficult circumstances and you can contact their Swansea Office on 01792 655999.  If you do decide to contact the Samaritans, we sincerely hope they can assist you.

We hope you are able to find the help that you need during what is clearly a very difficult time for you. 

Yours sincerely,

Tîm Ymholiadau Iechyd Ateb 
Ateb Health Enquiries Team

  • Cyfarwyddiaeth Gwasanaethau Corfforedig a Partneriaethau
  • Directorate of Corporate Services and Partnerships
  • Cyfarwyddiaeth Gyffredinol Iechyd a Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol
  • Health and Social Services Directorate General
  • Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru
  • Welsh Assembly Government

SO they say that the denial of treatment is good, BUT when I did ring the Samaritans they told me to go to my GP

but when I read that email I felt awful and went to the GP. Where my Blood pressure was 190/120, and ECG showed irregular heart beat and I was sent as an emergency to hospital as the GP said I now was in the high risk group for a heart attack or stroke.

Welsh Assembly Government

March 9, 2011

I add the latest email from the Health secretary of Welsh Assembly Government, Edwina Hart.

an 84 page XML document marked high priority.


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They couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, but then they are Politicians.

Dr RB John has friends in high places and they seemingly resolutely defend him to the end as to investigate him could expose a problem for them, maybe?

NHS WALES could be guilty of assisting suicide

August 20, 2010

to assist someone to commit suicide is illegal, if you do you may be arrested for murder.

but to cause a patient to become suicidal and then deny them treatment means a doctor is exemplary.

I know for certain that I have uncovered corruption and fraud in the Welsh NHS surrounding Dr RB John and Neath Port Talbot Local Health Authority, before AND since  Dr RB John was their Medical Director.

The proof:

The responses of Dr RB John to the NHS Complaint where he only says that he cannot remember refusing to answer the questions IN THE COMPLAINT.

The Medical Opinion does not exist according the NHS Wales as they say that records show that I asked for retirement. They do not have record of the events between June 4th and November 1998 and those events are irrelevant. As proven by the lack of response by 3 Welsh Assembly Health Ministers and the Head of Patient Safety, Pat Vernon.

The comments of Drs Rhyddian Lewis, Gwen Kahan and Frank Gama of Castle Surgery and their attempt at falsifying my Medical Records and their constant refusal to provide me with a good standard of care.

Dr KE James saying that she refuses to tell the truth because she has personal and private reasons NEVER to do so. She also reluctantly agreed that corruption DID exist under Dr A Goodall in  Neath Port Talbot Local Health Authority.

The refusal of political figures in the Neath Port Talbot area to assist me. One that does not know what to do despite being deputy Health Minister in the Welsh Assembly Government and one that does not even respond.

Many documents in my possession and ALSO in my Medical Notes.


I discover Public Concern at Work and a list of prescribed regulators and scrolled down to the National Assembly for Wales and see that Healthcare Inspectorate Wales: ( Matters relating to the review of, and investigation into, the provision of health care by and for Welsh NHS bodies as defined under the Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Act 2003) is the body in Wales.

A Dr Caroline Jones of that very organisation told me when I contacted them that Dr RB John WAS exemplary and that a side effect of the undiagnosed illness for which I was hospitalised was memory loss and therefore I forgot what Dr RB John didn’t tell me.

She refused the Medical Opinion as evidence as she said that it was NEW EVIDENCE despite the written date. As did Adam Peat, Welsh Ombudsman, Mr DH Simpson of the Independent Review and various (3) CEO’s of Neath Port Talbot Local Health Board.


The most relevant detail in the Welsh NHS’ denial of any wrong doing is the FACT that Dr RB John was High Sheriff of West Glamorgan 2009 2010.

The Welsh NHS is guilty of assisting me to commit suicide and therefore are guilty of attempted murder as in the article that started this post.