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The protection of Dr John DL CStJ continues

October 23, 2017

A “No Comment” from D Byron Lewis Esq., CStJ, FCA , HM Lord Lieutenant of West Glamorgan. He is a Commander of St John Cymru Wales.
He wrote: “I am very sorry to read of your continued problems, but I regret that I am unable to comment or direct you to someone who may help you, as such matters are outside my remit.”
Deputy Lieutenants are nominated by the Lord Lieutenant, to assist with any duties as may be required.

The Vice Lieutenant, Dr Ed Roberts, was Chair of Neath Port Talbot Health Authority, Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust and was vice-Chair of Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board (ABMU) until recently. He was High Sheriff of West Glamorgan 1991-92.

Dr R Bryn John is Deputy Lieutenant of West Glamorgan. He was High Sheriff of West Glamorgan 2009/10. I contacted the High Sheriff’s Association but they would not reply by letter. I rang them and was threatened by Mr Williams LLB who kept repeating that he was a retired solicitor and so knew what he was talking about.


Fake Iraqi dentist struck off

May 10, 2011

A DENTIST who faked his qualifications so he could get asylum in Britain has been kicked out of the profession for his “deplorable” campaign of lies
YET Dr RB John of Briton Ferry Health Centre had ME struck of with HIS “deplorable” lies and I cannot get resolution. The General Dental Council were not very helpful when I asked for help, in fact they DID NOT REPLY TO ME in 1998- 2000.

On April 22nd 2011  I received a letter from my Prospective Assembly Member and I have written to her, emailed her and STILL no reply. Could her sudden interest have been  an attempt TO GET ME TO VOTE FOR HER??  IS that legal?

Look at her election pamphlet. I rang the Welsh Assembly for advice and spoke to a jobsworth who did not seem to know what to do apart from speaking in Welsh on the English language line.

I also wrote to my sister asking for release from my  13year role and to remind her I am doing the sentence for HER FAMILY’S CRIMES. She chose not to reply and has been seen socialising with Dr RB John.

So Dr Keatley E James and her husband Dr Adwaita P Dhar are still intent on destroying me. I called Dr RB John Dai Sheepman in reference to Harold Shipman and now it seems the NHS in West Glamorgan are intent on defending his corruption to the very end of MY life. 

Can I ask for asylum in England as I fear for my life in Wales?



April 22, 2011

At 11.00 am 3 years ago today I had a carotid coronary bypass which inadvertently started the last years OF HELL. I was told that my heart disease had been over zealously misdiagnosed and when I asked Dr Gwen Kahan of Castle Surgery, NEATH, West Glam she sent me to the Psychiatric Services as an ungrateful patient.

SHE was also the first Doctor to angrily say that I will never get to the truth surrounding the loss of my Dental Career and I had better move on. The second was Dr Rhyddian Lewis now retired from Castle Surgery, Neath. 3rd was Dr Ballasurryia: psychiatrist of ABM, 4th was Dr Muthhakkumar psychiatrist of ABM

Starting the hell where my actions have been interpreted as SUICIDAL 8 EIGHT times following some medical “cock ups” as described by Dr Frank Gama, also of Castle Surgery Neath.

THEN yesterday I received a rather surprising letter from Gwenda Thomas about which I will blog later in the year as the contents were unexpected, to say the least. AND dated before my recent post April 18th 2011.

BUT I say THANK YOU Mrs Thomas.

Good Friday? could be? about time……

Catherine Zeta Jones and Shrien Dewani

April 16, 2011

I do not know whether Shrien Dewani is complicit or innocent BUT he has something to say so LISTEN TO HIM.

I say again LISTEN TO HIM. Every psychiatric patient I know says that NOONE LISTENS TO WHAT THEY SAY. I know from my experience that no one listens because NOBODY LISTENS TO ME.

All the “professionals” do is prejudge, well you have to be psychiatrically ill because the referring doctor said so, and so the treatment can be catastrophically WRONG. Dr RB John never listened to me, read what he wrote 4th June and yet 8 days later I was removed from the Dental Register and fully retired. READ WHAT THAT “man” SAYS IN HIS MEDICAL OPINION about me stopping work, page 2.

As I said I do not know whether Mr Dewani is complicit or not but HE NEEDS SOMEONE to listen to him


I have something say so listen to me, please.


But from the comments in the Daily Mail seems the public don’t bother with listening either.

I feel so very sad for this man says one 250+ red arrows

This is a farce! He’s not the only one that lost a loved one yet he’s receiving all this medical treatment. Why haven’t any of the brides family been sectioned due to grief as they knew her the whole of their lives whereas he knew her for only 2. says another 300+ green arrows

I said Poor, poor man he looks “out of it” on medication. All this just serves to remind me of my enforced stay in the same hospital and I say, again from my experience, PLEASE PLEASE listen to what he has to say as the frustration of being ignored just makes it all so much worse.  90+

Although Catherine Zeta Jones had everybody listening to her.


Heath House Priory Hospital, Bristol. Part 3

April 14, 2011

A song written in the 1st few weeks at Heath House:

Priory day 1

I didn’t say yesterday but I was removed from the Dental Register and fully retired by 12th June 1998. 8 days after he wrote that Opinion.

BUT nobody told me I had to find that out AFTER I was discharged from hospital and thrown into an unimaginable financial and professional hell.

If I had refused to go and managed to “avoid capture”, since I was told I had no choice as I would be made to go, sectioned, if I kept refusing, and I had gone to work the next day to see my 09.00 patient.

Would I then have been ILLEGALLY practicing as a Dentist as I was now no longer on the Dental Register and also fully retired??