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BGT 2011

June 3, 2011

I know, with hindsight, that I was on BGT 2010  for entertainment value. He got some good print out of MY debacle at my expense but HEY NHS Wales have been far more insulting. I also said at the time that BGT and the ancillary staff showed me FAR MORE RESPECT in one day than NHS Wales have shown me in 13 years.

Simon Cowell is only out to make money for his company and himself. (also what good advertising for the programme) ‘cos now, probably, many more viewers will tune in  BECAUSE of this.

If you want REAL corruption, deceit and lies then look no further than this man:

dr_bryn_john_1   Dr R Bryn JohnDr R Bryn John got where he is by his arrogance and Medical Incompetence and the protection by his “friends” in high places.

Certain people in the Wales government

and various doctors including

Dr Keatley E James, my sister, and Dr Adwaita P Dhar, her husband. Dr R Lewis, Dr G Kahan, and Dr Mudally. Not forgetting the psychatrists Drs Ague,  Ballsurryia and Muthakkumar.

Dr RB John thinks he is water-tight but then the White Star Line thought the Titanic was unsinkable.

Nobody gave a second thought about my being sectioned and forcibly retired in 1998, on a pack of lies and I also didn’t anticipate getting 500 hits on this blog yesterday so wasn’t prepared for the sudden incidental interest.

I find it difficult fighting thoughts of suicide especially since the Welsh Assembly Government Health Secretariat via Beverly Delacruz have told me to ring the Samaritans when I told them I cannot get treatment for how I feel and so they deny me my basic rights as a patient and by so doing they have failed in their Duty of Care towards me.

Why do NHS Wales refuse to listen?? BECAUSE to listen to me would show the massive amounts of corruption surrounding Dr RB John. So they would prefer me to continue my entrapment as a Psychiatric Patient and also show me the prejudice and discrimination afforded to psychiatric patients.

THIS is the song I WAS gonna sing and so surprise Simes, Amanda and Piers BUT I gave the wrong CD. Seemed even I couldn’t catch the effin train on time myself.

Fake Iraqi dentist struck off

May 10, 2011

A DENTIST who faked his qualifications so he could get asylum in Britain has been kicked out of the profession for his “deplorable” campaign of lies
YET Dr RB John of Briton Ferry Health Centre had ME struck of with HIS “deplorable” lies and I cannot get resolution. The General Dental Council were not very helpful when I asked for help, in fact they DID NOT REPLY TO ME in 1998- 2000.

On April 22nd 2011  I received a letter from my Prospective Assembly Member and I have written to her, emailed her and STILL no reply. Could her sudden interest have been  an attempt TO GET ME TO VOTE FOR HER??  IS that legal?

Look at her election pamphlet. I rang the Welsh Assembly for advice and spoke to a jobsworth who did not seem to know what to do apart from speaking in Welsh on the English language line.

I also wrote to my sister asking for release from my  13year role and to remind her I am doing the sentence for HER FAMILY’S CRIMES. She chose not to reply and has been seen socialising with Dr RB John.

So Dr Keatley E James and her husband Dr Adwaita P Dhar are still intent on destroying me. I called Dr RB John Dai Sheepman in reference to Harold Shipman and now it seems the NHS in West Glamorgan are intent on defending his corruption to the very end of MY life. 

Can I ask for asylum in England as I fear for my life in Wales?


NHS Wales deny me treatment……

March 11, 2011

This is the proper document:

Officials have had the opportunity to review the previous correspondence between the Welsh Assembly Government and yourself, and recognise how strongly you feel about the way your complaint has been handled.  However, there really is nothing more we can add to what has already been said in our previous correspondence. 

We would urge you to continue discussing any outstanding concerns you have about your current treatment with your GP and the Mental Health Gateway Team, as they are best placed to advise you on the most suitable treatment options and support available to you.  The Welsh Assembly Government cannot comment on individual cases, as we have explained before. 

We are, of course, concerned to read that there are times when you are finding it so hard to cope with your situation, that you have referred to ideas of self harm.  As advised by the Mental Health Gateway Team, the Samaritans can provide confidential support to people during very difficult circumstances and you can contact their Swansea Office on 01792 655999.  If you do decide to contact the Samaritans, we sincerely hope they can assist you.

We hope you are able to find the help that you need during what is clearly a very difficult time for you. 

Yours sincerely,

Tîm Ymholiadau Iechyd Ateb 
Ateb Health Enquiries Team

  • Cyfarwyddiaeth Gwasanaethau Corfforedig a Partneriaethau
  • Directorate of Corporate Services and Partnerships
  • Cyfarwyddiaeth Gyffredinol Iechyd a Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol
  • Health and Social Services Directorate General
  • Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru
  • Welsh Assembly Government

SO they say that the denial of treatment is good, BUT when I did ring the Samaritans they told me to go to my GP

but when I read that email I felt awful and went to the GP. Where my Blood pressure was 190/120, and ECG showed irregular heart beat and I was sent as an emergency to hospital as the GP said I now was in the high risk group for a heart attack or stroke.

Welsh Assembly Government

March 9, 2011

I add the latest email from the Health secretary of Welsh Assembly Government, Edwina Hart.

an 84 page XML document marked high priority.


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and so it continues for 84 pages ending with

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They couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, but then they are Politicians.

Dr RB John has friends in high places and they seemingly resolutely defend him to the end as to investigate him could expose a problem for them, maybe?

‘Bloodgate’ rugby doctor Wendy Chapman escapes ban

August 31, 2010

‘Bloodgate’ rugby doctor Wendy Chapman escapes ban General Medical Council (GMC) disciplinary panel ruled Dr Chapman’s fitness to practise was not impaired despite her actions, which it said were not in the best interests of her patient. She was suspended by the GMC last September and could have been struck off at the hearing in Manchester.

Panel chairman Dr Brian Alderman said Dr Chapman was guilty of “serious misconduct” but she was “severely depressed” at the time. She would not have acted in the way she did but for her “altered state of mind”, he said.

He added: “The panel has concluded that, while at the times these events occurred your fitness to practise was impaired, looking forward, your fitness to practise is currently not impaired. “You do not pose any risk to patients or the public.

The panel accepts that there is a public interest in retaining the services of a good doctor.” 

Who INTENTIONALLY does something not in the best interests of her patient. AND THE G.M.C. say she can STILL practice.

and yet I got fucking destroyed for being stressed

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