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My musical journey as a Psychiatric patient

July 23, 2018

Left and Right arms

February 26, 2008

The Surgeon says I need a “bypass” type operation to restore the blood supply to my left arm and that will be done in March. I will be in hospital for 6 days.

Will I survive it? considering the other times a Doctor has tried to help me. See Dr A and Dr B.

My right arm is not able to be repaired as Dr Gu allegedly has destroyed the integrity of about an inch of my radial Artery. I can never play piano in the style I used to EVER AGAIN. So I might as well sell all my keyboards and while I am at it my 11 guitars might as well go also. So no job, , nothing.

So the rest of my life I can now only sit and stare at the 4 grey walls that surround me.

THANKS Dr A as he started all this in effect. Because if he had done his job properly and Professionally I would NOT be under such stress as I am now.

It is beginning to look as though Dr A  intentionally destroyed my career and life. as his ONLY response has been “I do not remember”

In 1998 I was going through an acrimonious divorce and my family life had collapsed.

SO he then caused the collapse of my Professional life.

A friend said recently “…as long as you have your health”
HA thats gone now thanks to the stress caused by Dr A.

This damned country of Wales is full of incompetent Doctors. Frank was right when he said  prior in 1985 that Wales was a 4th World Nation.

I am so ashamed of being Welsh and also of the fact that I vociferously fought for NHS Dentistry.

Look how the NHS has repaid me.

my possession 2

November 24, 2007

So Dr A “made up” my illness, he made up almost everything about me being ill. When I read his words later I thought “Bugger me I was ill because I do not remember ANY of this, so why didn’t he tell my sister if I was so ill, under the Mental Health Act. (It was SO different from what I remember. Remember I was going through it).

Reason of course is that I wasnt really that ill, or so he thought, so the ignorant man saw no need to inform me. He thought I had read those words, I assume, and laughed. At the time of my receiving that letter I was under GREAT pressure from my Bank as I, in effect, had to start again in 1998 after the flood.

BUT I do not remember receiving that letter and that scares me now. SO I WAS ILL maybe?
The fact that he made up my illness explains why he would not treat me on my release. Well according to him I wasn’t ill.

SO did he just ignore my talking. If he wasn’t listening to me, as it seems, he is NEGLIGENT.

IF I wasn’t ill WHY was I IMMEDIATELY put on 5 minute observations in the Psychiatric Hospital because Iwas a HIGH RISK SUICIDE?

Why didnt he tell THEM I was retired??? They KEPT telling me , in hospital, that my Practice was being looked after.

It is all so clear now, the bastard stitched me up good and proper (sorry for the gangsta talk) because he is an incompetent fool.

Could he have not said sorry, at least, when he saw all had gone wrong????????

Blood pressure is up I can feel it banging……………………….so more tomorrow

I will put up his medical history and other letters when I have scanned and covered up his identity.

(THAT hurts as well as I would LOVE TO display his name)

I have in my possession

November 23, 2007

I had to move an amazingly heavy piece of furniture last weekend and a friend helped me. I had not moved it since 1995. Underneath it was a complimentary slip and the 1st page of the Medical Opinion. I assumed, in a cold sweat , that it must have been there ALL ALONG.

the complimentary slip said “I enclose this in order that we get our stories straight”

Since then I have collapsed suddenly at home, a sort of blackout.

                The GP checked by BP the following day and it seemed OK. I didn’t ring the out of hours number as I felt OK when I (probably almost instantly) awoke with my cat licking my face. I had had a heartattack, I believe, in 2004 and I now had absolutely no symptoms, similar or otherwise, apart from coffee everywhere and cat spit on my face. Didn’t even hurt myself.

Suddenly I saw the answer. Dr A had lied in order to get me retired. It explains why I did not understand, later, his Medical Opinion and the things he said I had done at my Practice. BUT HE DID NOT TELL ME OF HIS PLAN that I was to be retired and hospitalised within 7 days.

If he did and I forgot it shows I was much more ill than even I knew BUT the complimentary slip implies I was NOT ILL and was faking it all so therefore he caused the most catastrophic thing that could have happened to me.


It explains his reticence to answer truthfully throughout the NHS Investigation. It explains the existence of “his personal and private set of  notes” (I assume he had to remember the scam he was pulling for me)

 This could have happened read this please and this for my losses

 my chest hurts so to be continued, daily.

Makes you think

September 18, 2007

I went to my GP for help because I was under stress and he made it catastrophically worse (Dr A) Iatrogenic

I went to another GP because I was ill. I have NEVER EVER been so ill. SO Dr B chatted me up and refused to treat and so my pneumonia turned into a Lung Abscess. Iatrogenic

The stress caused by both the above was instrumental in causing a narrowing of my left subclavian artery. Whilst they were investigating the condition of my heart I developed a Haematoma as a side-effect of  the Consultant Physician “reaming my arm” in an angiogram for 90 minutes. Iatrogenic

                                            I was told in 1984 that moving to Wales from Essex was like going to a 4th World Country. I took this as a Racial Slur and stupidly ignored it. But it has always been in the back of my mind. I moved to Wales at roughly the same time as the “Live Aid” concert (May 1985) and he said Ethiopia should have a “Pop Concert” for Wales!

                                      I now  apologise to Frank for calling him a racist *****. HE WAS RIGHT. Sorry Frank!

I am no longer proud of being Welsh in fact I am now embarrassed, sadly, of once being so proud of the Land of my Fathers.

                  Within months of opening my practice the Welsh National Army ( One of the callers said he represented them) left messages on my answer machine at work  like ” GET OUT you f***ing  English man taking Welsh man’s job”and  “See you jimmy you are dead” in a Scots accent….The local police showed interest in that one and I listened in as the bloke recorded that message. Bit eerie that.  I had “Police Protection” for a while. HA!  i.e. the local bobby just strolled by saying  “Aw right wus”