At 11.00 am 3 years ago today I had a carotid coronary bypass which inadvertently started the last years OF HELL. I was told that my heart disease had been over zealously misdiagnosed and when I asked Dr Gwen Kahan of Castle Surgery, NEATH, West Glam she sent me to the Psychiatric Services as an ungrateful patient.

SHE was also the first Doctor to angrily say that I will never get to the truth surrounding the loss of my Dental Career and I had better move on. The second was Dr Rhyddian Lewis now retired from Castle Surgery, Neath. 3rd was Dr Ballasurryia: psychiatrist of ABM, 4th was Dr Muthhakkumar psychiatrist of ABM

Starting the hell where my actions have been interpreted as SUICIDAL 8 EIGHT times following some medical “cock ups” as described by Dr Frank Gama, also of Castle Surgery Neath.

THEN yesterday I received a rather surprising letter from Gwenda Thomas about which I will blog later in the year as the contents were unexpected, to say the least. AND dated before my recent post April 18th 2011.

BUT I say THANK YOU Mrs Thomas.

Good Friday? could be? about time……


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