Britain’s got Talent.

This is the song I intended to sing instead of “Catch the Train”

I intended to throw the judges with a different song as even I thought the song’s sentiments were awful SO I had 2 CDs and gave the wrong bloody one to the sound technician. Partly by mistake and also because I had seen the “psychotherapist” who unintentionally threw me  back into the loss of my career And one of the backstage wallahs asked me dental advice minutes before I went on, although he did say my shoes were cool. As if that helps!

I just gave a CD to the stage hand and as I walked on I tapped my pocket and went SHIIIT wrong CD. The rest is history.

I mime the organ solo in the video but played it and  ALL the instruments in the song.

What would have happened if I had sung this song?? Who knows? I didn’t enter this year.

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