Catherine Zeta Jones and Shrien Dewani

I do not know whether Shrien Dewani is complicit or innocent BUT he has something to say so LISTEN TO HIM.

I say again LISTEN TO HIM. Every psychiatric patient I know says that NOONE LISTENS TO WHAT THEY SAY. I know from my experience that no one listens because NOBODY LISTENS TO ME.

All the “professionals” do is prejudge, well you have to be psychiatrically ill because the referring doctor said so, and so the treatment can be catastrophically WRONG. Dr RB John never listened to me, read what he wrote 4th June and yet 8 days later I was removed from the Dental Register and fully retired. READ WHAT THAT “man” SAYS IN HIS MEDICAL OPINION about me stopping work, page 2.

As I said I do not know whether Mr Dewani is complicit or not but HE NEEDS SOMEONE listen to him


I have something say so listen to me, please.


But from the comments in the Daily Mail seems the public don’t bother with listening either.

I feel so very sad for this man says one 250+ red arrows

This is a farce! He’s not not the only one that lost a loved one yet he’s recieving all this medical treatment. Why haven’t any of the brides family been sectioned due to greif as they knew her the whole of their lives whereas he knew her for only 2. says another 300+ green arrows

I said Poor, poor man he looks “out of it” on medication. All this just serves to remind me of my enforced stay in the same hospital and I say, again from my experience, PLEASE PLEASE listen to what he has to say as the frustration of being ignored just makes it all so much worse.  90+

Although Catherine Zeta Jones had everybody listening to her.


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