Heath House Hospital, Bristol pt 2

These are some of my memories from my stay in Heath House Hospital, Bristol in 1998:

I was admitted to a Private Psychiatric Hospital in Bristol at 9.00am Friday 12th June 1998 and immediately placed on heavy medication and 5 minute observations. Their opinion I was a “High Risk Suicide My room was en-suite but no locks and also my own TV. I had to put my shaving gear with the nurses and was watched every time I shaved. When I asked what was wrong with me they said I was a high risk suicide. Wow …… nobody before had ever gave me ANY indication I was THAT bad, or told me face to face. I was growing increasingly concern……. more on my web site  HERE 

I have horrible memories of that place basically because I TRUSTED Doctors implicitly because I came from a Medical orientated Family. Dad was a local Chemist, Aunt was a consultant kidney specialist and of course sister was a doctor, and at the time in 1998 the senior professional partner of Dr RB John. AND a reason I eventually and reluctantly trusted.  Although I did argue like f*ck before I was threatened with being SECTIONED. I had had no warning apart from the Medical Opinion written by Dr RB John A censored version is here and of course so is  his Compliment Slip where he in effect told me he was lying. Both well hidden from the NHS Service Complaint when he was found to be exemplary.

A letter from the Consultant in Heath House written in June 1999 exists where it said I am not able to return to Dentistry AND was written at the time I was being destroyed financially and medically.Read the last paragraph.

I am now BANNED FROM THE MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES and the Welsh Assembly Government say for me to ring the Samaritans Permanent Link to NHS Wales deny me treatment…… Although their 1st attempt at a response was an 84 page XML file Permanent Link to Welsh Assembly Government

Now with the election looming all parties are writing to me asking for their vote. Labour: when they deny me treatment. Conservatives: when Alan Cairns told me to ring  Citizens Advice Bureau and the BNP.

Plaid Cymru are silent at the moment.

And then there is the response from Dr Gwen Kahan, Dr Frank Gama, Dr Rhyddian Lewis of Castle Surgery Neath. Some of which is written here culminating in my visit on Christmas Eve 2008 to Dr Ballasurryia, psychiatrist of Bro Morganwwg Health Board


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