I have tried to end my life a few times in the last year but thanks to 2 neighbours I am still here.

I am banned from the Psychiatric Services in West Glamorgan and have a complaint starting soon where I have to outline the times I  have been denied treatment.

SO I have to list ALL the fucking reasons that made me wish to end this pathetic life. THEY WANT ME TO LIST ALL THE TIMES I WAS DENIED TREATMENT FOR FEELING SUICIDAL.

THEN one neighbour found that Dr EM Williams was also a High Sheriff in 2005-2006. (towards the bottom) AND she was the bitch that “talked in an inappropriate and sexual manner” rather than treat me in 2004 and I ended up with the largest lung abscess in Wales. AND AT the time I started the complaint against Dr RB John. It all becomes so horrifically clear, so obvious now.

How I missed that she was High Sheriff also in 2005-2006 I do not know BUT at least the jigsaw is complete I KNOW NOW I am being hounded to suicide by NHS Wales as ALL defend TWO corrupt Doctors and most GP’s in Neath West Glamorgan deny me treatment and abuse me as they defend Dr RB John and Dr EM Williams. especially the following:

Castle Surgery Neath, Drs F Gama, R,. Lewis, G Kahan and B Murphy, I add him as he is the senior GP in the Practice now and I know he is a really good friend of Dr RB John.

Alfred Street Primary Care Centre, Neath. Dr Mudally

and my sister  Dr Keatley E James and Dr Adwaita P Dhar, her husband.

Mr and Mrs Dai Sheepman: Dr Eleanor Mair Williams and Dr Ronald Bryn John.

How apt that the man in charge of the Independent Review Secretariat in Brecon in 2005 was called Mr D H Simpson DOH!

DOH an acronym for Department Of Health, how apt.

I am the Dai Kelly the welsh version of Dr David Kelly


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