Should this be the Christmas number 1?

Throw away the key (Christmas is coming)


I got my xmas tree today. The bloke said “Are you gonna put that up yourself ?” , I said “No you dirty bastard, I’m gonna put it in the lounge !

Have a good Christmas, if you can. Well it looks like the scenes on the Christmas cards round here and all us Brits do is complain! Altho’ I would like to have the opportunity to complain instead of being in the shit I am now thanks to Dr RB John

I wish all my old friends from here the best Christmas that they can have and hope our shit will soon be over.

Things are the same here, no one listening to me, suicidal thoughts are in the front of my mind BUT I re -met a really old and good friend from 35 years ago and she helps me quantify it all a little….


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