‘Bloodgate’ rugby doctor Wendy Chapman escapes ban

‘Bloodgate’ rugby doctor Wendy Chapman escapes ban General Medical Council (GMC) disciplinary panel ruled Dr Chapman’s fitness to practise was not impaired despite her actions, which it said were not in the best interests of her patient. She was suspended by the GMC last September and could have been struck off at the hearing in Manchester.

Panel chairman Dr Brian Alderman said Dr Chapman was guilty of “serious misconduct” but she was “severely depressed” at the time. She would not have acted in the way she did but for her “altered state of mind”, he said.

He added: “The panel has concluded that, while at the times these events occurred your fitness to practise was impaired, looking forward, your fitness to practise is currently not impaired. “You do not pose any risk to patients or the public.

The panel accepts that there is a public interest in retaining the services of a good doctor.” 

Who INTENTIONALLY does something not in the best interests of her patient. AND THE G.M.C. say she can STILL practice.

and yet I got fucking destroyed for being stressed www.mad-dentist.co.uk

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