NHS WALES could be guilty of assisting suicide

to assist someone to commit suicide is illegal, if you do you may be arrested for murder.

but to cause a patient to become suicidal and then deny them treatment means a doctor is exemplary. www.mad-dentist.co.uk

I know for certain that I have uncovered corruption and fraud in the Welsh NHS surrounding Dr RB John and Neath Port Talbot Local Health Authority, before AND since  Dr RB John was their Medical Director.

The proof:

The responses of Dr RB John to the NHS Complaint where he only says that he cannot remember refusing to answer the questions IN THE COMPLAINT.

The Medical Opinion does not exist according the NHS Wales as they say that records show that I asked for retirement. They do not have record of the events between June 4th and November 1998 and those events are irrelevant. As proven by the lack of response by 3 Welsh Assembly Health Ministers and the Head of Patient Safety, Pat Vernon.

The comments of Drs Rhyddian Lewis, Gwen Kahan and Frank Gama of Castle Surgery and their attempt at falsifying my Medical Records and their constant refusal to provide me with a good standard of care.

Dr KE James saying that she refuses to tell the truth because she has personal and private reasons NEVER to do so. She also reluctantly agreed that corruption DID exist under Dr A Goodall in  Neath Port Talbot Local Health Authority.

The refusal of political figures in the Neath Port Talbot area to assist me. One that does not know what to do despite being deputy Health Minister in the Welsh Assembly Government and one that does not even respond.

Many documents in my possession and ALSO in my Medical Notes.


I discover Public Concern at Work and a list of prescribed regulators and scrolled down to the National Assembly for Wales and see that Healthcare Inspectorate Wales: ( Matters relating to the review of, and investigation into, the provision of health care by and for Welsh NHS bodies as defined under the Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Act 2003) is the body in Wales.

A Dr Caroline Jones of that very organisation told me when I contacted them that Dr RB John WAS exemplary and that a side effect of the undiagnosed illness for which I was hospitalised was memory loss and therefore I forgot what Dr RB John didn’t tell me.

She refused the Medical Opinion as evidence as she said that it was NEW EVIDENCE despite the written date. As did Adam Peat, Welsh Ombudsman, Mr DH Simpson of the Independent Review and various (3) CEO’s of Neath Port Talbot Local Health Board.


The most relevant detail in the Welsh NHS’ denial of any wrong doing is the FACT that Dr RB John was High Sheriff of West Glamorgan 2009 2010.

The Welsh NHS is guilty of assisting me to commit suicide and therefore are guilty of attempted murder as in the article that started this post.


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