Edwina Hart says two diametrically opposite statements.

She tells me:


and then in the Evening Post dated 20th August she actually GETS INVOLVED IN AN INDIVIDUALS CASE.

Mrs Hart, who is also Gower AM, wrote to David Sissling, chief executive of Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board after the family of Swansea-based William Morgan got in touch.


Mrs Hart, in a letter to the ABM chief executive, said: “I have received the attached letter from Mrs Allison Morgan-Jones on behalf of her father, Mr William David Morgan, about the repeated cancellation of an orthopaedic outpatient appointment at Morriston Hospital. “I would therefore like you to look into this, and to write back to Mrs Morgan-Jones with a full explanation into the cancellations of her father’s appointments, and give appropriate reassurance that his appointment on August 11 will not be cancelled.”

Mrs Edwina Hart ALSO says “It’s ridiculous. “I am starting to believe once you reach 60 or 65 that the NHS washes its hands of you.”

ONE letter by a patient and she gets involved. TWELVE FUCKING YEARS of asking her and her predecessors as Welsh Assembly Health Ministers they do absolutely nothing.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as the Welsh Assembly Government defend Dr RB John


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