I tried to hang myself

Yesterday walking back from town I bumped into a person I met many years ago when I was forced into Mental illness and this was the first thing he said to me.

He then showed me his neck …………………and the bruises………..

he does have a reputation for bullshit BUT those bruises looked real and looked like they are portrayed by make-up artists on CSI and other police programmes. Anyway how do you ask if he is telling the truth? And ask how/why he failed??

And how do you get away from an obviously drugged up/medicated person that was happily (?) talking about killing himself and the ways he has tried before, in a residential street with no shops to escape into?? Only the corner shop over 1/2 mile away….

THANK GOD it suddenly started to absolutely piss down and as he wasn’t wearing a coat he made his excuses and ran away,

As I passed the shop I saw the local rag/ Evening Post headline:

Suicide threat closes Briton Ferry bridge as man dangles feet over edge

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One Response to “I tried to hang myself”

  1. Mandy Says:

    I am not sure how I would have responded but knowing my default status, I think, I would have asked them if they were getting any support. If they had seen a GP or got someone close they could talk to about it.

    There would be a dilemma for me, in regards to how much I wanted to get involved and that would depend on the person really. Some poorly people, not deliberately become attached and overly attached (in the absence of anyone else or care support being in place) to people who show compassion. In some ways it can be humbling that someone shares very private things but it can also become another cross to bare.

    I guess, my view is that society has ‘norms’ and behaviours that should be conformed to but people with mental illness can’t fit into those norms because of their illness.

    Even if I suspected that the person might be over-dramatising, I certainly wouldn’t hold that against them. Needing attention is a very human thing. How people go about getting it… in a world that really doesn’t give a stuff unless you have celebrity status or potential is another kettle of f’d up fish.

    I do appreciate how difficult it made you feel but I feel for the other person too.

    What a screwed up, toxic world this is.

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