Who do I talk to???

I am alive but fighting some serious scary thoughts. I remember waking this morning as it interrupted a dream. The 1st second I was awake I was happy then in flooded those thoughts.

I nearly rang Samaritans yesterday but what is the use talking about it when nothing is ever done.

especially when I read a report which said: “Implementing the Improving Futures Suicide Reduction Strategy for Bridgend and Neath Port Talbot is complemented by the Siaradwn Ni Big Lottery-funded initiative. “This scheme aims to tackle the stigma of mental illness and to deliver programmes in consultation with the tthird sector which aims to reduce suicide within the above localities.”

and a quote from the report:

  • Improve the services which support and work with people who are at risk of experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Reduce the consequences and impact of mental health problems.
  • Provide a variety of services which are safe for the individual and the community.
  • Ensure that everyone has equal access to all the appropriate services.Everyone except me that is as I am denied help
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    2 Responses to “Who do I talk to???”

    1. Mandy Says:


      I hit crisis last week, following a week of sliding deeper into depression. Friend rang emergency duty team (who were helpful to a point) and said they would ring my community MH team in the morning. I heard nothing…so I rang CMHT. Spoke to Care Support Worker who said she hadn’t been told about me. It took another day for my Care Co-ordinator to ring me…and finally they got to see me, in the evening.

      I am alive too and fighting but the levels of communication are naff, quite possibly massive case loads (should read poorly people) meaning MH staff are prioritising (not necessarily in my favour) and organisations stripping staff to barest minimum means that in crisis…people are often left to swim alone (going under and coming back up again) and I am sure there are people out there that don’t come back up again.

      You may not be alone (as in the level of neglect) but, speaking for myself, I feel desperately alone when in acute states and the services aren’t responding quick enough.

      As for third sector, the local charities do not deal with people in crisis. They are for the walking wounded and or the more able.

      Having used Samaritans service myself, I haven’t found them of any use because they can’t or don’t link into other support services. However, when things get really tough….they, at least, offer a voice on the end of a phone line (hopefully an empathetic once)…but I know that is a piddle in the ocean. :<(

    2. Dave Neenan Says:

      You aren’t being singled out for exclusion, these policies never lift off the paper.

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