Britain’s Got Talent took away my dignity: Disabled contestant sues Cowell for discrimination | Mail Online

HAHAHAHA stupid bitch. And in The Sun. Funny how SHE can get Legal help with her spurious claim and I get constantly told to get lost and I HAVE  written proof that I am right IN MY COMPLAINT against Dr RB John and NHS Wales

I was there, I too was humiliated and I too was laughed at, for fucks sake woman ACCEPT IT.

The onstage sound WAS poor, no vocal monitors for example and also surround sound,  and I too was not used to the radio microphone, more used to a battered SM58 held together with gaffa tape. No rehearsals, just told to walk on stage in front of 4000 people to sing one song, out of the 400 I have written, knowing at the back of my heart, that I would be ridiculed. BUT hey I have had my 15 nanoseconds of fame!!!

NHS Wales took away MY dignity thanks to Dr RB John and still after 12 years DENY the truth BUT appearing on that programme HAS generated interest in my retirement against my wishes.

And also I now have fans in Vietnam, France and Russia as well as shouts of “Its that retired dentist” in town. STILL get them, thanks!!!


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