DOOMED, We are all doomed!

Ministers want doctors to club together in consortia to take charge of billions of pounds of funds for mental health, hospital and community services. Giving unscrupulous doctors the chance to line their bank balances by refusing to treat patients and/or not referring them to hospital when needed. In fact just like it is now in my case.


Over the last 4-6 weeks I have had a violent cough that is mostly un-productive but occasionally I have no choice but to be violently sick without much warning. My left arm, pinky and ring finger, goes numbish and I become extremely breathless. Pulse is 90+ and irregular. I find it difficult to go to my current GP as the last 2 visits I felt intimidated/bullied by him. And also because of the lack of treatment from Dr F Gama because thanks to Castle Surgery I have absolutely NO confidence in my local GP’s

Things took a turn for the worse over the weekend when I could not even go up stairs without becoming extremely breathless and I mean EXTREMELY. I could not even carry the vacuum cleaner in my left arm for more than a few yards without the same symptoms.

SO I went to the Out of Hours Doctor who gave me a thorough examination and came to the conclusion I had had an acute angina attack. BP was 118 over 88, my heart was beating regularly and my lungs were clear of fluid therefore, hopefully no heart attack BUT he said if I get ANY SORT OF CHEST PAIN I was to return as an emergency.

I got a prescription for Amyl Nitrate spray and spent the day in bed. The doc advised me to go to my GP today about my cough. Very similar symptoms to June 2009 and exactly the same diagnosis then and now. EXCEPT then Dr Gama eventually refused to give me a repeat prescription for the Amyl NitrateĀ  saying I didn’t need it, but without examining me. He had described the symptoms, before I was “forced to the Out of Hours Doc”, as being DUE TO THE WAY I SAT. But then that <cannot think of a suitable word> was trying to destroy me with the blood test fiasco, or COCK UP as he, Dr F Gama, described it.

I saw Jay again, sitting outside the hospital in his pyjamas on one of his long stays in hospital, seeing him makes me feel an imposter because he is SO ill.


SO I am back exactly where I started with all this. I cannot medically go forward I just keep going round in fucking circles.

And Andrew Lansley wants Doctors to take financial control of the NHS.



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