Susan Boyle appears on Futurama

Siiiiilent Niiiight, oh sorry just practicing. I am in the process of doing the Alyn James version, a version as sung by the Psychiatric younger brother of Willie Nelson. And yeh sure it was her idea.

A really crap version by Johnny Aitken wow that cat can spank a plank and I mean meaning 2, possibly. I could not find a video of the excellent Ramones  Version.


Oddly a good friend said that the pervert was touching my bollocks as a sign of respect for being famous.  When I said that I couldn’t see the connection between the two she went on about how SHE had been bullied, abused, sexually harassed etc etc saying that what I have experienced happens to women on a daily basis EVERY DAY and blah blah blah, mememememememememe. Did I say good friend, sorry I meant arsehole.

So what SHE was saying is that women get touched on the genitals by unwanted suitors EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES. FUCK!!!! I ‘spose she even includes the Queen and ole Maggie Thatcher, WOW!!!!! Ex-friend will probably now say that that was not what she meant etc and if that is the case then DON’T WRITE such crap dear in the first place, he says patronisingly and intentionally to annoy her even more.

AND I got stopped in the streets in town yesterday by six girls, I say girls as 2 were 18, they told me without asking, and the rest looked in their late 20’s, who were ecstatic about meeting a star from BGT and NONE of them touched me bollox or got ANY WHERE NEAR to doing so. Also considerably relieved  that the 3 blokes I talked to didn’t touch me bollox either.

SO what is it with that skinny ex-alcoholic??


WTF is the police man with the taser doing? Sure gives me confidence in the intelligence of some of the police in the UK.

Illegal guns??? buy them from the police.

But at least I can sleep easier now at night. Well I would if my GP had replied.


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