YAY a few people have been looking for Dr RB John and many have read this page.

I wonder if one was my current GP as I have requested information about his promise to refer me to the Psychiatric unit in Neath FOUR MONTHS AGO. I wish for him to reply but according to his receptionist he does not write letters and she insisted I need to make an appointment to see him. SOO that could explain why I “may” have not been referred because one has to write a REFERRAL LETTER to initiate.


I saw the skinny ex-alcoholic pervert yesterday but managed to avoid contact. I wonder if he still goes to the Alcoholic Charity that my sister “volunteers” for. Then she can give advice to a sexual predator that interfered with her brother whose life she destroyed  in the first place.


What would follow was a fascinating experience, and an insight into what it is really like to be on the receiving end of the NHS. I have to say that the care I received was excellent. A&E was clean and efficient, I was seen promptly, and I was immediately placed on a drip to treat my dehydration. I was hooked up to monitors, blood taken, results discussed, a bed found, scans arranged. Within a few hours I was up on a ward. An emergency operation was arranged while they did further investigations, and I was started on a wild concoction of medication, which meant I was able to swallow small amounts of water. Of course, it may be that this attention was helped by the fact that I am a doctor, though I deliberately didn’t emphasise this, and I noticed that all my notes had ”Mr” at the top.

My GP telephoned me each day, saw me within a few hours if I needed it, and generally I felt as though everyone had my best interests at heart. I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency. I rarely seemed to have to wait and when I did, people would scurry around trying to ensure I didn’t breach a target.

So on paper, my experience was the model of efficiency in the NHS.

Do I use the word  sanctimonious in the  correct way,  Dr Pemberton, when I describe you as a sanctimonious twat? Other opinions may vary of course.

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