Mental Health Foundation

You may know that the Equality and Human Rights Commission has just launched an Inquiry into disability-related harassment.

Research shows that disabled people (defined as including people who have experienced mental health problems) are at greater risk of experiencing violence than non-disabled people  that low-level bullying of disabled people is widespread and often undetected that incidents of bullying and harassment have a significant negative impact on disabled people.

The Mental Health Foundation would like to contribute to the Inquiry with regard to people with mental health problems, and would value your input. As ever, there is no obligation to respond, but it would be most helpful if you could answer the following questions:

  1. Have you, or anyone you know, been bullied or harassed as a result of having a mental health problem? Any examples would be helpful.


  1. Why do you think people with mental health problems may be bullied or harassed?


  1. What do you think can be done to address the problem by public authorities (such as councils, police, social service, schools and housing authorities)?

We would be most grateful if you could send your responses, if possible, no later than July 15th

The Mental Health Foundation

Sea Containers House

20 Upper Ground

London SE1 9QB


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