I was only doing my job

says Dr Howard Martin as he defiantly dismissed the threat of a new police investigation and suggested there were more victims.

Dr Martin says he acted out of Christian Compassion to end the patient’s suffering.

Peter Sutcliffe pleaded not guilty to 13 counts of murder, but guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. The basis of this defence was his claim that he was the tool of God’s will.

I am not a religious man BUT find it difficult to understand the difference between Christian compassion, in the doctor’s case, and being a tool of God’s will, as in the Yorkshire Ripper’s case.

Unless the patient or their families had given consent AND this was annotated in the patient’s medical notes in which case, no problem. Peter Sutcliffe obviously did not get his victims’ consent before he murdered them.

Dr Martin’s arrogance is similar to that of Dr RB John as Dr Martin angrily denied he had done anything wrong, saying he was confident he wouldn’t face fresh charges over the revelations. And Dr RB John said “I cannot remember but I was always there for Mr James”

GMC panel chairman Professor Brian Gomes da Costa said: “ “There were many occasions when there was no clinical indication that the patient was suffering (any pain). His record keeping, including reasons for giving treatments, was appalling. Dr Martin’s actions were indicative of an autocratic attitude, in that he seemed always to consider that he was right and rejected, or did not seek, the views of others. He repeatedly broke the trust to which patients are entitled; this is unjustifiable.” THAT so easily describes Dr RB John.

You are personally accountable for your professional practice and must always be prepared to justify your decisions and actions

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