Thanks Google

Someone googled for “why are overweight guys ugly?” and ended up on this blog. Thanks Chris  Well at least I got a visitor!!

Anyway I am 5′ 10″ and 12 st 11 with a Body Mass Index of 25.7 meaning I am overweight …… just. AND anyway that “pathetic excuse for a man and a  doctor”  Dr RB John DID call me obese all those years ago, when I was overweight after 6 weeks in Heath House Hospital. I went in 12 st 7 and ended up 14 st 6 weeks later having been “forced” to eat 3 meals a day and denied exercise. I was going to the local swimming baths 4-5 times a week before Dr RB John fucked up my life.

I AM NOT overweight I am just too short  !! by ONE INCH grrrrr  I should be 5′ 11″

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