treatment AFTER being sectioned

My neighbour is out of hospital after being sectioned. he was in for six weeks: same as me

He is NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE yet I had  to drive from Bristol BY MYSELF. He was on the same medication as me  so why was I allowed to drive.

He has DAILY out patient appointments whilst I had 3 from Heath House over a 6 month period and was told I would be referred to the local mental health services and THAT TOOK 18 MONTHS as Dr RB John REFUSED to do anything, apart from calling me obese. YET Dr RB John said that he was ALWAYS THERE FOR ME in his reply to the complaint. lieing c*nt.

He, neighbour, is having help with his life from his FAMILY and Social Services whereas I had fuk all. I asked my fkn sister for help but she refused saying Dr RB John meant well. Social Services REFUSED TO HELP ME as did every other fucker in Neath.


The Health Authority Dentist that was supposed to take over the running of my practice, but did not, has  retired early AS HE HAS A SEVERE ALCOHOL PROBLEM and HE HAD TIME TO CLOSE HIS PRACTICE which incidentally he opened JUST AFTER MINE was closed and he took a lot of MY PATIENTS. well fucking well, what a coincidence.


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