FIFA World Cup

I fkn hate the World Cup because at 09.00 a.m. 12 years ago on the 12th June 1998, I was removed from the Dental register and FULLY retired. And so starts my 13th year of hell. There was nothing else to do, in hospital, but watch the fkn games. I haven’t watched a football match on TV since.

wcanim   from B3ta

At the same time I was being admitted into Heath House Priory Hospital where I was told I was a “high risk suicide” and medicated as such. The more I protested the more they medicated. Everyone interpreting my  behaviour/protestations as a sign of further mental illness. No one listened to ME.

So from Dr RB John writing that Medical Opinion to me being hospitalised and retired took 8 days.

Many people have asked why I went to hospital. Well I refused to go citing my practice commitments as the reason and I was TOLD I HAD to go because if I didn’t I WOULD BE MADE TO GO. How could they make me go against my will??? Only way I KNEW was to be sectioned and that would involve the Police. 11.30 a.m. on the main road in Briton Ferry and the sight of the  local Dentist being  forcibly carted off to a mental institution. I was also told that the Health Authority WOULD take control of the running of my Practice IMMEDIATELY, confirmed by a telephone call to the Dental Advisor, Chris Wills Wood who said he was in the process of arranging a locum for me.

Anyway you trust a Doctor don’t you?? well I did. No more.

Depressio22n from B3ta

It’s true that jaffa cakes and coffee ARE better than the treatment offered by the NHS, especially in Wales. AND especially the raspberry ones from Lidl.


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