I would rather kill myself than have the NHS do it for me

Dr RB John wrote of “my suicidal intentions” in the Medical Opinion dated 4th June 1998. I have absolutely NO IDEA why he decided that I was suicidal pre June 1998 , and then why, on my release in July 1998, he then REFUSED ME TREATMENT for 18 months. He later, in writing, denied it was even his responsibility to tell me, his patient, that I was to be retired in the near future. My sister Dr KE James says she knew he was making up falsehoods, at the time, but she has PERSONAL AND PRIVATE reasons NEVER to tell the truth.

In the Medical Opinion, dated 4th June 1998, he said “I believe he should not be practicing and that it would be in his best interests and in the interest of his patients if he would take Medical Retirement.” and yet 8 days from the date of that Medical Opinion I was retired and taken of the Dental Register, without my knowledge and against my wishes. Why was I not told that retirement proceedings were under way and I was soon to be retired?

My experiences after Britain’s Got Talent show clearly that no one cares. BUT two journalists contacted me and have written articles about me. 30th May 2010 from the Observer and 4th June 1998 from the Evening Post and both said I had “a history of severe mental health problems”. YET it was DR RB John that initiated this lie.

AND yet when I say “I would rather kill myself than have the NHS do it for me” I am UNABLE TO GET TREATMENT. IN fact when I DO actually see someone they say I have good reason to be depressed as the NHS in Wales has treated me atrociously and I NEED answers but DENY me treatment. But my current GP says my “cries for help” are becoming a recurring feature and he will do nothing. He DID say he would refer me back to the psychiatric unit but 3 months later STILL no appointment. I even have asked him for an update on the situation 4 times and he refuses to reply.

Still now a proportion of the UK now know about me. I have been to see my son and discovered that my fame has even spread to Portsmouth as I caused a few “double takes” and whispers of “it’s that dentist from the telly” Shame I cannot tell them what happened all those years ago. And also tell them to examine THEIR treatment form their GP. Has he or she EVER made a mistake? DO they listen to to the symptoms?

Will NHS Wales do anything? I doubt it tho’ because Dr RB John was High Sheriff of West Glamorgan but then the investigation into the death of weapons inspector David Kelly is likely to be reopened, it has emerged. I have been described as the Welsh David Kelly as my life and career have been destroyed intentionally because Dr RB John REFUSES to tell the truth.

Hence me saying I would rather kill myself than have the NHS do it for me Although NHS Wales have TOTALLY DESTROYED me rather than face up to the incontrovertible  truth.

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