The deadly hate that festered for 13 years:

I see that a theory for the killing spree in Cumbria was because the  killer held grudge against twin for ‘robbing’ him of his £25,000 inheritance  ….he shot David dead in his bed, then gunned down the solicitor he believed was colluding with his twin – starting a killing spree which left 13 dead.

Maybe I should do similar to  Dr RB John, my sister and all the other so called professionals that have colluded to destroy me and make my life hell. Also Kahan, Lewis for their comments and Williams and Gama for their treatment or lack thereof.

All covering up for Dr RB John‘s lies and deceit. Just so Dr RB John can become High Sheriff of West Glamorgan last year.

but shooting them bastards would be  pointless, over too fast. When I get justice I want THEM to hurt just like they made me suffer for 13 years

Oh and I haven’t got a gun.

I also see some people may have read about themselves on my blog, I hope they are proud of their actions which got them a mention on this site. Everything written on this blog is true as I too made notes, except I do not have to lie as they do.


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