My 15 seconds of fame is over, or is it??

12 years ago today Dr RB John wrote his  medical opinion, A document that was hidden from NHS Wales in their “investigation”.

This document, the only indication I received that anything was afoot was intentionally hidden from the investigation by Dr RB John.and/or his cronies in Neath Port Talbot Health Board, at that time.

That deceit was continued by  Mr DH Simpson of the Independent Review Secretariat, Wales, Mr Adam Peat, the then Welsh Ombudsman and Dr Caroline Jones of the Healthcare Inspectorate, who ALL said the Medical Opinion was inadmissible as it was NEW EVIDENCE. Despite it being written ONE WEEK before “the event“.

It seems the Medical Opinion was only written for me and was SENT BY POST, 2nd class apparently. BUT when was it posted??? The Medical Opinion was the reason I was removed from the Dental Register, without my knowledge, on June 12th 1998. Dr RB John even denied it was HIS responsibility to tell me I was to be retired in a letter IN MY MEDICAL NOTES and

yet on page 3 he says under the heading OPINION ” I believe that Dr Alyn James’ mental state precludes him from working as a General Dental Practitioner.

I think the pressure of a busy dental practitoner job in the future will be too much for him to handle.

I have concerns about his mental stability and consider that there is a HIGH RISK OF SUICIDE.

I have come to the opinion about his mental stability and consider that there is a high risk of suicide. I have come to the opinion both when I have seen him in my surgery and when I have visited him in his surgery and

I believe he should not be practicing and that it would be in his best interests and in the interest of his patients

if he would take Medical Retirement.

READ THE  bit where he says “on 13 05 98 he was extremely depressed and talked seriously of suicide” and yet I continued work for one month, AND ” on the 28 05 1998 I received a telephone call from his surgery assistant etc etc where he said amongst other things that I  was emotionally labile and frequently asked her what I was doing half way through a dental procedure and yet he STILL allowed me to work.

I do not remember receiving it and did a little experiment recently where I posted two letters, 2nd class, one in the post box in the front wall of my garden and one in Briton Ferry Post Office to see how long it took both to reach me. The one from my “wall” turned up the next day and the one from Briton Ferry Post Office turned up a WEEK LATER. Meaning the Medical Opinion would have arrived AFTER I WAS ADMITTED TO HOSPITAL.

Well he wouldn’t have driven all the way to the front of my house and posted the effin letter as he could have saved himself the cost of a stamp and walked the further 20 yards to my front door and actually spoken to me, something HE HAS NEVER DONE.

He showed his “lack of intention to speak to me” by writing the Compliment Slip which was attached to my copy of the Medical Opinion, which says: A copy of my letter, Please keep confidential. I thought that you should know what I said so we’re not contradicting each other. The original, uncensored copy then has his signature.

On receiving that telephone call on Thursday 11th June 1998 I stupidly believed that my sister  Dr KE James, Dr RB John‘s senior Medical Partner would have been involved, under the Mental Health Act, as my ONLY relative, in the decision to “section” me. So I trusted now of course knowing that SHE WAS ACTUALLY COMPLICIT in my destruction. Then however I thought she was on MY SIDE. She said that she has PERSONAL AND PRIVATE REASONS never to tell the truth 

SO WHAT HAS SHE DONE?????? that is SO BAD that she would rather have her brother destroyed than tell the truth.

I have a few theories, but as yet, no proof. One stands out amongst the rest but I do not know how to investigate it. My secret theory was confirmed, sort of, on talking recently to one of the people my sister employed. That lady also gave me another reason, inadvertently, as we spoke. HMMMMMMMM.

On a more positive note I have had interest from a Record Company, well this has happened before but the advantage now is that they know what I look like and know what I sound like.


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