Systems Normal All F*cked Up

Holy crap! A f*cking dancing dog has more talent than me.

My car’s steering lock broke yesterday and I had to wait for the AA to dismantle it all so’s I could get moving, even a traffic warden said I did well on BGT as she walked on by. More grateful for the ” walk on by bit” than her comments, tho’ LLOL.

Another soul mate/friend has gone incommunicado with the hell inside HER head as she fights almost the same crap from the English NHS. I worry about her so much but I will not air the song I have written for her over the last few weeks in case I again get ridiculed for that one. Oh god I hope she is OK and if she is reading this, or someone knows who I am talking about,  please, please, tell her I AM ploughing through those 100+ pages writing my reply.

I quote from “Can’t Catch Every Train on time” for her:

You move so slowly and you feel like crying, it’s a well know feeling and you’re not alone

<hugs and kissies>

I have even been on a Belgium Website Je hais l’effet de masse d’un public débile, le manque de respect aux personnes qui y ont droit, le principe du “dîner de cons” et les blagues de Cowel. Là, j’ai droit à un habile condensé des 4, Merci! . M. James s’est fait expédier parce que sa chanson avait un sujet triste et sa voix qui n’était pas extraordinaire. Il méritait cependant de terminer sa chanson. Je m’en vais chercher un moyen de contacter ce brave homme et lui exprimer toute ma sympathie!

I have been emailed by that guy, I think, and thanked him by return .

I watched Britain’s Got talent last night, and I have to say I was really moved…
I’ve never reached for the off switch so fast in my life!


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One Response to “Systems Normal All F*cked Up”

  1. Heather Says:

    Hello! I was wondering how I can purchase a CD with your songs. I really like Cant Catch Every Train. Had it in my head all day today 🙂 do people tell you that you sound like Neil Young? Let me know and take care!

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