Overage, overweight ugly men who wont shave or dress appropriately for national television don’t win talent contests

Say it like you mean it Chris. from unrealitv.co.uk 

Alyn seems like a real sweet down to earth guy. Thats my perception.
The reality is that he is also 60, overweight, not very good looking and still carrying round a lot of personal baggage. Despite what all the films, songs and musicals out there say, not everyone can be a star and the kind of people who get to follow their dreams don’t look or sound like Alyn James.
Overage, overweight ugly men who wont shave or dress appropriately for national television don’t win talent contests, whatever their personal qualities.
His choice of song was poor and he sung it poorly. Despite his knowledge of music, he is simply not as good a singer or songwriter as he thinks he is. His personal baggage may be important to him but it does absolutely nothing for his music, his singing or his image.
Regardless of whether he is a nice guy or not, if he is serious about being a professional singer then he should be a professional singer and be serious rather than being a bloke who likes to sing.
Shows like BGT may look democratic and inclusive on the surface but they are not. BGT is a talent (and beauty) contest, (
Talent:most certainly….. that lady can sing. Beauty……..hmmm) not a talent search and certainly not a talent show. In its own way BGT is a mirror of society’s prejudices as well as its hopes, dreams and values.
Society values youth, beauty, innocence and those people whose talent can compensate for not having one or more of the above. Society values winners and people who look and sound like winners. Society does not value the old, the ugly, the fat, the mentally ill and life’s casualties. Society has no time either for losers, or for people who look like losers. Neither does BGT.
I’m not condoning what society thinks of people like Alyn James, but if it had been up to me I would have done whatever it took to stop him from going going on this show. (
where were you in 1998, Chris? Please do whatever now then eh???) I avoid that show precisely because of what it does to people like Alyn James. (nope Dr RB John initially, and then NHS Wales did that to me) I really wish for his sake that he had done the same.

I too wish Dr RB John had not given me the reason to enter that show. Don’t totally blame me, altho the audition was my idea and mine alone.

Ask my son for what he said when I told him and he had stopped laughing.


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