Britain’s got Talent and so have I apparently

I would like to say that I have emailed the BGT producers, just after the show aired, and THANKED THEM for putting me on the show and said that I received more care from them that day than I have EVER received from NHS Wales. I believe they did it to help me get resolution because it certainly has drawn attention to my problems. Otherwise why show me on the main programme??????

I am in the Daily Mail AND Wales on Line   and on

and I like this post from desik in the Observer (I have also thanked Carole Cadwalladr for her interest.)

Hang on , Alyn has been blogging about his difficulties for years in mental health circles online without any of the major mental health charities now baying for ITV and Simon Cowell to urgently re-examine how they select contestants ever showing the slightest concern for his struggles or well being .
For those who’ve followed Alyn’s struggles , and I regularly see his latest posts flagged up and access his blog through the In Search of the Mental Health Messiah’s site , this story is slightly more complex than its being sold as here as Alyn was being hammered by the system long before he ever auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent and people like Andrew McCulloch Director of the Mental Health Foundation were certainly aware of this as McCulloch personally issued legal warnings against a number of bloggers associated with the Messiah’s site and its forerunner for allegations of wrongdoing made against his Foundation .

Indeed, if my memory serves me right , Andrew McCulloch once featured in the Top spoof Mental Health Messiah spot , alongside such mental health happy la la luminaries as Stephen Fry and Mental Health Tzar Louis Appleby as the blog and a number of those linked to it have been seriously questioning what has been happening in mental health at ground level beneath the radar of the massively funded national heroic anti-stigma campaigns . This was why Alyn’s blog Mad Dentist was a featured link as his struggles with the authorities ,psychiatrists and GPs really aren’t that uncommon in mental health, as the BMA has acknowledged , as once a person has a mental health diagnosis some of the most devastating stigma and discrimination he or she is likely to face will be from the psychiatric and wider medical professions .

Organisations like the Mental Health Foundation and Mind have never addressed this source of discrimination because they have been working too closely in partnership with the mental health system and only last week the Rowntree Foundation produced a report on User Involvment which highlighted the problem that representative organisations like Mind create for service users through their failure to address their dual ‘ service provider ‘ and ‘ advocacy ‘ roles.

So whilst I agree that Alyn was probably setup by Britain’s Got Talent and that such shows really do need to pay a bit more attention to assessing and supporting vunerability without necesarilly excluding people from participating this doesn’t detract from the fact that Alyn is to be commended for having a bloody good go . Moreover, the mental health charities calling for ITV and Mr Cowell to re-examine their selection criterior should really be put under pressure to address their own dangerous failings , namely acknowledging their conflicted interests , and be encouraged to take urgent steps to make sure there is material support in place for Alyn James to help him resolve the issues he’s stuck in with the authorities and medical profession in his locality – and I don’t simply mean e-mailing the number of an advocate – and urgently looking at introducing a nationwide policy for supporting service users who find themselves at loggerheads with the system and prevented from using it. .

Indeed the most discriminatory outcome here would be the mental health charities drawing attention to themselves and their already well known concerns about TV talent shows in general whilst helping to plunge Alyn back into obscurity and a hopeless and overwhelming one sided struggle with psychiatry and the medical profession that may well see Alyn driven to suicide.

With a little practical help and more support here I’m sure Alyn could bounce back with a happier song .

Well done Alyn.

read this post if you have got this far :>)

I have MANY happier songs, some on here

I should have sung


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