Can’t catch every train

I’ve put the finished version of the original idea for the song “Can’t catch every train” here,  now called “Can’t catch every train (original)” and have posted the words. The lyrics are universal for those moments I describe as “aw crap” moments, it is the music that solemnises them. I played the original to some friends and one said “if that doesn’t show your talent what else will, one set of words and 2 totally different fucking songs”

You don’t fall asleep at night, you lie awake, wondering why you missed out and why it has to be you

An ex-patient stopped me in town on Friday, in tears, and he asked ME for help with his suicidal thoughts. He said the local Mental Health unit offered him nothing but medication and no one would listen to him. He said he has never felt so alone and the medication made it impossible to do anything. His eyes, his expression and the way he held himself, were like looking in a mirror and reminded me of my loss and the corruption surrounding the events. I took him to MIND, as I could think of nothing else, and THAT reminded me of my life unravelling and the despair I still feel as the Welsh Assembly Government do everything to avoid the truth. I left him crying in MIND and as I walked home a lady stopped me, shook my hand and said “you should have got through”. I thanked her.

    My neighbour’s husband was also sectioned 2 weeks ago, and is now “under a medical cosh”. I have talked to her and she is going through hell as she tries to get help from anyone. He is on almost exactly the same medication and dose. However HIS employer has placed him on “the sick” rather than forcing him out of a job as happened to me. I was retired against my wishes and had been for 6-8 weeks BEFORE I was told, and not by my doctor, Dr RB John has consistently refused to explain what went on, only saying that he cannot remember.

    I cannot put into words how I feel as I write this and have deleted what seems like pages of “ranting”. I however wish the NHS had treated me with equal respect as did the BGT Production Team. I have thanked them for putting me, for what ever reason, on the main show and the momentary increase in interest in my situation as shown by the number of hits on my websites.

    If Dr RB John had followed the correct guidelines as my GP and giving me warning of my impending retirement in 1998 then I would NEVER have been on BGT or even heard of the lady to whom I dedicated the BGT version. I probably would still be a NHS dentist, doing what I had trained for since 1967 and my music would still be a hobby. I called Dr John, Dai Sheepman, as reference to the number of GP’s that defend him, without knowing or listening to the truth. Just as Dr Shipman’s colleagues did likewise for him until the evidence became too horrific. I make no other comparison.

I do however wonder what my sister has done that makes her SO unwilling to tell the truth that she has known since June 1998.


2 Responses to “Can’t catch every train”

  1. themaddentist Says:

    Thanks Norm,
    Sadly I am not alone in this hell but I really appreciate the support

  2. Norm Says:

    Well done Alyn , you gave it your best shot and that takes courage and just hope that the mental health charities that seem so anxious to protect us from Britain’s Got Talent and its ilk pull their finger out and make sure you get some urgent material help dealing with the authorities locally. Use this publicity to your advantage as you earned it mate.

    Take care.

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