Britain’s Got Talent 2010

OK not the best choice for a talent contest BUT I had just learnt that I had lost my dental career because of a lie and that my sister is as corrupt as Dr RB John. Then I heard a good friend had killed herself

I owe a lot to Candida Weston  for her support and just for being there for me.  And also dear Tom, my wonderful son.

Also thank Calum, Mandy, Nikki and the others who have commented such as  Sam Cudleigh. Thanks for your support maybe this can change the way we are treated by the NHS.

more songs on

Britain’s got talent UNBELIEVABLY BRILLIANT was one text I received


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2 Responses to “Britain’s Got Talent 2010”

  1. Mandy Says:

    P.S. Talking of not being able to catch every train. I can’t even get myself to the station to try!!!!

  2. Mandy Says:

    I think the lyrics are poignant and touching. I doubt the likes of Cowell are deep enough to get them…..they want sparkly bubble pop type stuff that is mass produced to the point where it merges into itself and disappears up its own jacksie.

    Again, I salute you for what you have done. I am sure there is an outlet for your lyrics somewhere. It is like poetry (put to music) but not the sort that X Factor can hack nor Queenie would be able to stomach..bless her cotton tiara. Coughs as she writes that lols


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