Betrayed by the NHS

Doctor who gave her life to health service is refused vital cancer drugs that could save her.

I too have been betrayed by the NHS, and I gave 23 years to NHS Dentistry.  She says that she “feels so let down. I’ve given my all to the NHS and I could give it another 20 years, doing the work I love. I just need this treatment to give me a fighting chance.” 

I gave 23 years to the NHS and yet Dr RB John denies his responsibilities defended by Dr Keatley E James and, to a possibly lesser extent, Dr Rhyddian Lewis, Dr Gwen Kahan and Dr F Gama.

My MP will not help, My Assembly Member will not help, the Welsh Assembly Health Minister passed me to one of her staff who “refuses to/will not” help, saying “nothing more we can add to what we have already said“. The Head of Improving Patient Safety Team, Quality, Standards and Safety Improvement Directorate, Health and Social Services Directorate General whose job is to pass concerns from patients to the Health Minister and yet I seemingly was passed the other way, ie from the Health Minister to HER. I have been told  to stop writing to her, “Unfortunately, we have reached the stage where there really is nothing more we can do“.

Which I have not. Overtaken by my TV appearance and the interest THAT has generated.


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