A foul-mouthed family doctor

The 45-year-old would stare at his computer rather than looking at patients and routinely belittled and intimidated colleagues, subjecting them to tirades of abuse in public,

when one patient, a blacksmith, came in complaining of back pain, Dr Hart replied: ‘Change your job.’  Similar response received from Drs Kahan and Lewis in Castle surgery when they told me to forget my career of dentistry

A nurse had her access to computerised medical records restricted after questioning him for altering patients’ notes,  Well Dr Kahan intentionally falsified HER entry in my Medical Notes.


from an article about the purpose of a doctor:

Clinical practice has *nothing* to do with developing new methods or procedures. It’s about best practice, which is the agreed upon customary approach given the symptomology. Expect no creativity from your clinician. Creativity could lead to malpractice. I hope Dr RB John is reading this as he was creative in 1998 when he destroyed my life.

the role of a doctor should be trying to understand the reasons for a disease, not only treating the symptoms.


Still no response to my letter to my current GP from February.

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