BALLS up/off

DOCTOR accidentally cut off a patient’s right TESTICLE, a medical tribunal heard yesterday.   He had previously been investigated for injecting himself with a patient’s sedative drug.

But the Jordanian doc was dismissed only after being accused of stealing two boxes of painkiller dihydrocodeine.

At least Dr Gama admitted to his COCK UP but ……


The Welsh government was unable to demonstrate the value for money of the £214m it has spent on this programme and the Wales Audit Office’s recent report in relation to the Plas Madoc partnership has reiterated serious concerns over the Welsh government’s management.

So there are some other areas the Assembly are substandard.


I have just finished a series of counselling appointments from a Local Counselling Charity. 1st visit gave a history of the problems. 2nd visit the counsellor said “I needed concrete answers not counselling” SO that was that…….

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