pus and diabetes

About 7.00 pm on Tuesday night pus suddenly burst from my right leg, about 3 inches from the scar from the donor site from my bypass operation 2 years ago. No pain just my underpants suddenly became wet. and the smell reminded me of the infection AFTER the bypass, from the same spot.

I went to the doctor, thankfully the one that refused to send me to the crisis team recently and she, after an examination, gave me antibiotics and said words to the effect of “if it doesn’t go away or returns it could be DIABETES


where is the connection????? I think what happened  was that a bit of stuff was left by the surgeon during the operation, maybe a bit of suture or sumpin like that which took 2 years to move round my body to find a way out and out it came on Tuesday at about 7.00 pm, surrounded in pus.

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