Happy fkn Easter

An inquiry into the abuse case at an unnamed school in Wales has been labelled a failure. We reported strong parallels between the case which was mentioned as part of concerns over an Assembly-led Wales-wide look at serious case reviews and an incident at a Neath primary school. However, the Post has since learned that the school, which we cannot name for legal reasons, is one and the same. The investigation into the allegations has been labelled a shocking failure.

SO even Social Services as shit in Wales, oh guess who is Minister for Health and Social Services in Wales??  Could this be the same person?

and my Assembly Member is the Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services


I have been compared to Dr David Kelly, maybe someone will reopen MY CASE.


THE NHS is sending millions of patient records and confidential medical notes to India for processing — despite a pledge by Labour that personal information would not be sent overseas. It is the first time that databases of names, addresses and NHS numbers of patients have been sent abroad, along with private information about medical appointments. NHS managers, under pressure to cut costs, are implementing the changes despite warnings about poor security in some offshore centres.


THOUSANDS of frontline NHS roles in Wales are to go in a three-year cost-saving drive.


it was 2 years ago on Easter Sunday I was discharged from hospital after the bypass and I said on March 16th 2008 The decision for Suicide will be taken from my hands as I will have a General Anaesthetic for the subclavian graft to look forward to on Thursday 19th March. I don’t want to wake up with all this HELL around me….but I do not want to die but then it is all over. And Dr A’s diagnosis will have at last come true.

and I still have the same fkn symptoms, then and now. and Dr A is now called by his real name Dr RB John

GOOD GOD, the inefficiency is ASTOUNDING.

WHAT exactly is a Doctor’s role if they ignore my questions about my Medical Health?


Signs I missed about my sister’s defence of Dr RB John

Financial Fraud about who paid for my stay in Heath House hospital and Dr RB John’s deceit.

 I saw the Queen today and thought of suicide

and for any so called “doctor” to read Good Medical Practice 



but then Worrying could actually be good for you because it lessens the effect of depression, a study suggests.  SO I should be OK then.


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